Hedra Review

by Carlos R. on July 29, 2020

Hedra Cover Image
Story and art by:  Jesse Lonergan
Publisher: Image Comics

I. Can. Not. Get. Over. This. Book. I have read through it multiple times and flipped through twice as much just to admire how gorgeous it is.

The opening sequence of this story is just so well designed and creates such a chaotic and beautiful sequence of events. Hedra opens on a desolate world, torn apart from nuclear war and tells the story of a sole astronaut’s journey in search of life among the stars.

There are not enough great things I can say about this book. The story is lovely, and I thoroughly enjoy the fantastical elements to it. I love the nods to classic literature and film, especially a scene that is inspired by Gulliver’s Travels. The beings are all visually different, but their actions speak volumes and demonstrate the similarities between humans and the alien beings.

Lonergan’s use of panels is incredible, the early sequences with numerous, small panels create a quick pace to the story. The ripple effect design caused from the rockets blew my mind, Lonergan creates such an expressive tale and makes use of every inch on the page. The colors in the issue are minimal but create such a diverse environment.

Jesse Lonergan’s Hedra is a wonderful comic that’ll have you rereading to appreciate its stunning art and incredible story.

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