Harley Quinn #72 Review

by Carlos R. on May 12, 2020

Harley Quinn #72 Cover
Written by: Sam Humphries
Art by: ABEL
Colors by: Hi-Fi
Lettered by: Dave Sharpe
Publisher: DC Comics

It feels like it’s been forever since we’ve gotten a new issue of Harley Quinn, but finally, we are here! The series continues to be light, hilarious, and an absolute joy.

Issue #72 of Harley Quinn continues Harley’s investigation into the possible murder of her BFF Alicia, a.k.a “The Crusher”. This issue opens with Booster Gold and Harley partnered together and barging in on Baby Face and his group of wrestling goons. The issue serves to develop their companionship as they team up to get to the bottom of this whodunnit.

Sam Humphries continues to set Harley up for enjoyable capers that also explore her emotional depths. Harley is portrayed in a positive light as she remains optimistic though Alicia’s daughter and Booster Gold seem to lose hope. Though Harley can come off as impulsive and reckless, this issue shows that there’s a method to her madness. Humphries further develops the Booster Gold/Harley relationship in this issue, and I have to say I’m in favor. Booster is a great contrast to the Joker and plays to Harley and her oddities really well, especially when it comes their banter throughout the party scenes.

The coloring for this issue is superb and the vibrancy throughout the story is so fitting of a Harley book. The expressions are also spot on and my favorite scenes have to be that of the party Booster and Harley infiltrate. Their chemistry shines in that scene and their expressions sell their cheesy, faux romance façade. In some moments the art can feel too clean, an example being when the wrestlers team up on Harley everyone seems to be in pristine, undamaged outfits without so much as a drop of sweat. Other than that minor gripe, the issue moves at an even pace and utilizes its colors to emulate the animated feel of a Harley Quinn series.

Harley Quinn #72 marks for another amusing chapter in the series. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up then you’ll want to be sure to drop in on this issue.

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