Captain Marvel #15 Review

by Carlos R. on February 22, 2020

Written by: Kelly Thompson
Art by: Lee Garbett
Colors by: Tamra Bonvillain
Letters by: Clayton Cowles
Published by: Marvel Comics

Having to budget makes it hard to pick up a new series and I’ve never had much of an interest in Captain Marvel, but when I learned that Mark Brooks is creating some of the covers for this series, I decided to try it out. I jumped on the series with The Last Avenger arc and have to say, Kelly Thompson and the art team are doing such an incredible job with this run, so much so that I’ve gone back to read from the beginning. Captain Marvel #15 is no exception to the quality of the previous issues and is another stellar chapter in the Last Avenger arc.

This chapter continues Carol’s quest to “eliminate” the Avengers for Vox Supreme. The story opens where we left off last issue, with She-Hulk on the verge of pulverizing Captain Marvel into dust. But there's no time to waste because Carol’s 24 hours are nearly up, and she’s only managed to capture three of the five avengers Vox Supreme requires.

Kelly Thompson has a great understanding for every character she’s written in this issue. The cast’s voices and actions feel not only true to character, but logical as well. Thompson knows how to balance her characters and I’d absolutely love to see her on a team book like the Defenders or Guardians of the Galaxy. Through art and writing, each battle Carol has been in so far has established how draining it is on her. Clayton Cowles really showcases Carol's internal conflict and calculating mind with strategic placement of her inner monologue boxes. You can feel the time lapse across She-Hulk’s fight with Captain Marvel through the pauses between dialogue and inner thought boxes. Though each brawl has been executed well, I was pleasantly surprised with how Captain Marvel ended her confrontation with a certain Avenger. I won't spoil the latter half of the book, but I was happy to see that this storyline has been so much more than another excuse to pit hero against hero. My only gripe with this arc has been with Vox Supreme, he comes off as an intelligent antagonist and is aware Captain Marvel is somehow plotting against him yet continues to use her and goes along with the Avengers’ bodies brought to him.

I said earlier that Brooks' cover work was my reason for picking up the series and his cover art is still coming in strong. The vibrant red from Captain Marvel and green illuminating from Vox Supreme immediately draw readers in. The interiors don't slack either, Lee Garbett and Tamra Bonvillain have done an incredible job throughout this arc. She-Hulk dominates the opening page and though you can't see Carol's face, you can’t help but wince at the pain you know she must be feeling. Garbett does an outstanding job depicting everyone's demeanor and stature. Thor's drawn in the overly muscular form that doesn’t let you forget this dude is a god and Tony's stance and robe impress the image of a playboy with the confidence to make such a robe look darn good. Tamra Bonvillain’s transition of time in the Hulk fight is subtle over each panel and emphasizes how long and exhausting duking it out with a Hulk can be.

Captain Marvel #15 hits every beat and marks another great issue in Kelly Thompson's run. If you've been at all curious about this series, go pick up this arc. The art and writing are completely in sync and is worth being on your pull list.

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