by BRONKO on December 06, 2012


           Okay this looks bad. The book opens with Clint falling out of a window, tied to a chair—nothing new. Part 2 of The Tape was better than Part 1, but overall this story was kind of weak compared to what we have been getting from Fraction so far. I’m not saying it wasn’t fun, because it was, so don’t tell anyone I said it wasn’t or else I’ll be totally pissed. I am seriously enjoying this series, and that is coming from someone who has never really liked Hawkeye as a character. Fraction continues to do a great job creating a headstrong, often funny, Clint Barton. Katie is a good addition too; they have a great rapport going.

            I read these books way fast, like two minutes fast. I guess that speaks to Pulido’s skills of making it flow so hard. He has a very easy on the eyes style that adds to the excitement of the story. There aren’t a lot of words, so Pulido’s strokes are really the driving force behind Hawkeye. I dig this series and am enjoying how each issue is pretty much a one-shot, save for The Tape Part 1 & 2, making it easy to jump on anywhere. My only concern is whether or not Fraction will be able to keep the story fresh. I can already see some redundancies, but that adds to the charm of Fraction’s Hawkeye. I just hope it stays that way. For right now, I’m into it and recommend the series highly, despite this last story, The Tape, being my least favorite so far.

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