Multiple Warheads #2

by BradBabendir on November 29, 2012

            Multiple Warheads is the type of book that every comic book creator that didn’t write it loses sleep over. It’s the type of book that should make DC and Marvel nervous about what might come next, and it’s the type of book that makes Image Comics such an exceptional company. Multiple Warheads is beautiful, creative, clever, enthralling and so much more.

            Multiple Warheads #1 is my favorite single issue of any series. So #2 had high expectations, to say the least.

            For the sake of balance, I’ll lead with a negative, if only so that nobody can say I fawned the entire time. In this issue, the plot left something to be desired, and not in a particularly good way. I would have preferred more action, as #1 was pretty filled up with awesome, whimsical, crazy shit happening. That’s less so here.

            (For those curious, I’m about to fawn again here, so, don’t say I didn’t warn everyone).

            But, and this isn’t just because I have an undying love for this book, that isn’t necessarily important. The dialogue between the characters is playful and clever. Brandon Graham further expands his incredibly rich landscape through both art and character exposition, and he sets up some of the most plainly odd and wonderful standards for his universe.

            I can see how this book might not be for everyone. It could be too weird or too playful. I would never blame anybody for saying this didn’t suit his or her fancy. However, objectively, this is one of the best graphic works that I’ve ever encountered. It’s like Blankets by Craig Thompson on acid with a set of Crayola crayons.

            The only truly negative thing about this run is that it’s already halfway over. It’s one of the most spectacular displays of talent in any medium, and I really, really don’t want it go away.

            Unfortunately, I’ve always found it tricky to review things that I hold in such a high regard, so I’ll close with this: read the fucking comic book. Please.

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I agree. Yes it was a little slow, but I still enjoyed this story.