Flash #21

by Batmanaruto on April 26, 2017

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Howard Porter
Colourist: Hi-Fi
Publisher: DC Comics

One major criticism I had of Batman #21 was the fact that the story didn’t really seem to progress, the only location was in the Batcave. In this issue, the story definitely progressed but only slightly. I have really been enjoying Williamson’s Flash run and I don’t think I have found a single weak issue in my opinion. Batman #21 was probably one of Tom King’s strongest issues so it’s a shame that Flash #21 seems like Williamson’s weakest issue, having said that it isn’t terrible.
In a story where you had the World’s Greatest Detective and a pretty good forensic scientist, you would really expect them to work together and unfortunately in the first half of this issue it doesn’t seem to happen. Instead it feels like two people who just happened to come across the same mystery as opposed to people who are actively looking into this case.
In my Batman #21 review I dedicated a paragraph to Jason Fabok, since his art and the 9-panel structure were worth mentioning. Sadly, we saw the omittance of the 9 panel structure in this issue, although I would have to say that the art was pretty good. I am biased towards Fabok since he is one of my favorite artists, but Howard Porter’s art manages to keep up with it, especially in the way he draws Flash.
With all the criticisms, I have lobbed at the issue, it is still actually a pretty good issue, and this definitely shows in the second half of the issue as Batman and Flash feel a bit more like a team. Flash travels to the Justice League Watchtower trophy room where we see some really cool artifacts. Some of the artifacts placing doesn’t make sense, like the Bug, Dr Fate’s Helmet and more, but looks so cool you can let it slide. They travel on the cosmic treadmill to the Flashpoint Universe and this is definitely exciting.
In conclusion, it is not bad and is still a pretty enjoyable read. There was also a JSA teaser in the form of Johnny Thunder calling out to the lightning again, similar to the Saturn Girl teaser in the previous issue. The first half has been slow but still good overall and I hope that King and Williamson can really ramp up the story and have the great conclusion fans are expecting.  

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