Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #9

by Batmanaruto on April 12, 2017

Writer: Julie Benson and Shawna Benson
Artist: Roge Antonio
Colourist: Allen Passalaqua
Publisher: DC Comics

I have to say that I am enjoying this series a lot more than I expected to. That isn’t a slight towards the writers, but more towards the fact that I wouldn’t conventionally pick up a Birds of Prey book. I’ve always thought they were a really cool team especially when Barbara Gordon was Oracle, so I decided to take the plunge, and I’m glad I did. Like most people I was definitely cautious of the fact that TV writers were going to write a comic book, since they are definitely not the same thing.
The first arc was pretty cool and took an unexpected turn of events with Oracle turning out to be a fan as opposed to being someone evil. This arc is really coming together as well, and I love how it pays homage to Roulette’s fight club in Justice League the animated series.
So far we have had the Birds of Prey together for the most part, so it is definitely different that we have such a Canary focused arc. Although the last arc did heavily focus on the other two members, this is pretty much a solo arc for Canary. I would say this turned out to be a really cool idea, as we also get some much needed backstory for Dinah, as the Bensons show us a glimpse of what it is like for a young child to live on the street.
I really liked how they also decided to role in the potential/current love interests into this arc as well. It really gives a sense of continuity and connectivity in this universe. I just really wonder how 4 people with no powers and 1 metahuman can take on a character that has almost every power under the sun. I’m really excited how the Bensons plan to resolve this.

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