Cyborg #6

by Batmanaruto on December 07, 2016

Writer: John Semper Juniour
Artist: Will Conrad
Colourist: Ivan Nunes

I have had nothing but praise for this series and this book continues to surpass my expectations. This issue introduced the new character Variant, who is like female Cyborg and Cyborg is basically helping her both cope with her powers and introducing him to his world. It was fun to see these 2 characters interact and develop this budding relationship. The new female Cyborg is an interesting character, as she goes through learning how to cope with these new powers and it is funny to see Cyborg pass all his knowledge down to her.

Conrad’s art has been good in all of the books that he has drawn, that it has almost became a staple to draw Cyborg well. However one criticism I would have of his art is that it is similar to general art, and I personally would love to see an iconic artist for Cyborg join up with who I would call his iconic writer, similar to Schmidt in Green Arrow or Carmine Di Giandomenico on Flash. Though that isn’t really a major thing affecting the book.

The conflict set up before with Cyborg’s dad being replaced appeared interesting, but it does seem dragged out to me, as if Semper Junior has forgotten about it. It could turn into something really cool, but I don’t want it to be rushed, just because it wasn’t used regularly.

There is a twist in the book, which does actually make you wonder, what will happen and how will Cyborg overcome this challenge. This first arc has been really good, but it does seem slightly drawn out, and one worry I do have is that the finale may not be as good as the introduction or the journey.

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