Cyborg #5

by Batmanaruto on November 16, 2016

Writer: John Semper Junior
Artist: Allan Jefferson and Derec Donovan
Colourist: Guy Major

For me personally John Semper Junior is writing Cyborg, in probably one of the best ways, he has ever been written, as he deals with life in Detroit. I do personally think that this run will go down as one of the greatest runs on the character.

This issue provides a political commentary on everyday things, by giving us a fair and balanced point for both sides. Usually, when comic books do try to talk about politics, they are often very one-sided that it doesn’t make the issue enjoyable, as it either offends readers or even if readers agree is done way too heavy-handedly.

This issue brings up how Muslims are usually the victim of terrorism, police brutality, crime in the black community, and being comfortable with disabilities. The issue handles it with respect and in an informative manner, which could actually lead Cyborg to become more of a champion for both black and disabled people. This is something that has been touched on before, but not as prominently.

Allan Jefferson’s art in the first half of the story is really good, however, the art in the second half by Derec Donovan, is very reminiscent of the current Cage series and I do not enjoy the art in that book or this book. I personally felt the art looked too cartoonish.

This issue of Cyborg was a slow issue, as it just takes time to address the community that Cyborg is surrounded by and sets up a possible addition to the Cyborg family. I am really enjoying this first arc and am really wanting to see the endgame of the robot version of Cyborg’s dad.


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