Cyborg #4

by Batmanaruto on November 02, 2016

Writer: John Semper Jr
Artist: Timothy Green

When they announced this book, it did sound interesting, however 4 issues in, I didn’t think that I would still be reading it, or still be loving it. Cyborg is a character that I fell in love with, because of the teen titans cartoon. So when I started reading Johns’ Justice League, he was very different, a lot more serious, and I never read Cyborg’s DC You series.

Cyborg himself is a weird character, who was placed on the Justice League in the new 52, to everyone’s surprise, and although Johns had a great run on Justice League, Cyborg at times felt like a character that was either just there, or really serious. Many people argue that he was a lot better when he was in the Teen Titans comics, and that is where he should have stayed. 

The plotline of a cyborg struggling with his humanity and his machine side, is one everyone has seen before, but John Semper Junior, changes it up and really uses this issue, to have a look into the character of Cyborg, what makes him tick, and he does this well, looking deeper into the neglect from his father, his forgotten love with Sarah, and his mother’s ability to make him feel special. We, as the reader truly feel sorry for the character of Cyborg.

Three things I thought were great was how the art when interacting with his parents also made Cyborg look more child-like, Semper Junior is really making Cyborg into this fun-loving character and is taking time with this relationship, where some rebirth titles I would say have rushed it and finally he ties it back to the first issue with Malware and gives us a fun, yet deep issue, that was also reminiscent of the episode of Rick and Morty ‘Total rickall’.

In conclusion, I hope this review has encouraged you to go out and read this new Cyborg series, as it seems with this issue and the previous ones, Semper Junior is really trying to return Cyborg to his roots whilst laying down new ones.

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