Heroes in Crisis #2

by Batmanaruto on October 31, 2018

Writer: Tom King
Artist: Clay Mann and Travis Moore
Colorist: Tomeu Morey and Arif Prianto

In the last issue of Heroes in Crisis, we found out that Sanctuary had been destroyed and many of the attendees at Sanctuary were killed. We also found out that the person responsible was Booster Gold, who seems to have something wrong with him as he cannot remember killing them. However, it was Harley Quinn that revealed this so it may or may not be true.

Whilst I still really dislike the way in which Tom King uncaringly killed characters for cheap shock value, I’m happy to say that this issue was better than the first issue. I still think that the strongest part of this series is the one on one interviews and was my favorite part of the issue. The nine panels reveal so much about what the character thinks and feels.

The main crux of the issue has the Trinity chasing down Harley Quinn. When Batman is doing the autopsy, it is revealed that one of the victims, a hero called Citizen Steel, had a set of joke teeth forced into his mouth, which led the Trinity to think Harley was responsible. 

The next scene in which Harley defeats the Trinity is an interesting one as after she defeats Batman, she defeats Superman with the kryptonite in Batman’s belt. What makes it interesting is that Batman lied about having Kryptonite in his belt, but also the reaction of the rest of the Trinity to being lied to. It also hints that maybe a lack of trust is the center of each member of the Trinity’s problem revealed in their interviews.

Overall, I did like this issue. The story is very character focused which is really the main strongpoint of the series. The actual story itself I do find to be alright, but the story also did not move along in any major way in this issue.

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