Justice League #5 (Legion of doom #1)

by Batmanaruto on August 01, 2018

Writer: James Tynion IV
Artist: Doug Mahnke
Colorist: Wil Quintana
Publisher: DC Comics

With Snyder’s Justice League he has been telling a story where he is introducing and explaining all the new concepts in the DC Universe, now that the source wall has been broken. With this issue Snyder takes a break from this issue and lets James Tynion IV take the reign as he gives us an introduction to the Legion of Doom.

Since Lex is the leader the issue focuses heavily on Lex as it basically plots Lex’s thought processes to forming his new legion of doom. This issue show that Tynion and Snyder had a plan for Lex from the beginning as they assigned him to Team Entropy and Entropy was the dominant force on earth. Lex’s new message is a message for everyone to basically do what they feel like doing, instead of trying to conform to the rigid structures of society.

We also see why he recruited Grodd and Sinestro as opposed to any other of Flash and Green Lantern’s villains. Sinestro was needed so that he could use the still force to control and lead and army and Grodd was needed to control the power of the Turtle and the Still Force. Even the idea of the house that Lex’s father hung out in, that was introduced in a previous issue, plays a part in Lex unlocking the key to access doom.

This was a really good issue by James Tynion, which by now is expected as his work is generally fantastic. I liked how Tynion uses previous themes introduced in both No Justice and the first four issues of Snyder’s Justice League. Mahnke’s art was phenomenal and adds to the superstar line-up of artists so far.

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