Dark Nights Metal #6 Review

by Batmanaruto on March 28, 2018

Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Greg Capullo Alvaro Martinez, Raul Fernandez, Jonathan Glapion and Mikel Janin
Colorist: FCO Plascencia, June Chung and Brad Anderson
Publisher: DC Comics

Metal has definitely been the crazy ride that we were promised by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. When it first started the rate at which the books came out was consistent and the issues of the main story came out so close together that caused the momentum to feel really strong. Like a lot of fans, I do feel that the series did slightly lose its momentum just before issue 6 came out and I was worried that Snyder and Capullo had set up too much in previous issues, for there to be a satisfying conclusion. So, as I went through this issue I found myself really enjoying it and by the time I was done I found the conclusion really good, but the ramifications really change the DC Universe forever.
One of the strongest characters especially in this issue but in the whole series is Wonder Woman. The way in which Snyder writes Wonder Woman really excites me for his Justice League. I feel Wonder Woman is one of those characters that very few writers really understand how to write well. Typically, writers write her as a warrior/warmonger or as inspirational but I would say that she is a bit of both and Snyder seems to get that.
As much praise as I’m heaping on the book there were a few problems. My main problem was that I feel that Snyder set up a lot of concepts such as the concept of earth 53 that didn’t really feel as if it played much of a part in this final issue other than for them to bring in various Batmen across the multiverse.
With this review, I have tried to keep it spoiler-free so that readers can read Metal #6 and experience it for themselves. There are a lot of really cool moments and the conclusion finishes strong. As for the ramifications in the epilogue it really makes me excited for both No Justice and what Snyder, Tynion, Williamson and everyone else plans for the Justice League.

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