Dark Nights Metal #4

by Batmanaruto on December 20, 2017

Writers: Scott Snyder
Artist: Greg Capullo
Colorist: Jonathan Glapion
Inker: FCO Plascencia
Publisher: DC Comics

If I could describe this issue in two words it would be hopeless and chaotic, and I mean that in a good way. Every little success brings on a new challenge for our heroes and this is particularly where this issue succeeds in keeping the momentum and excitement of Metal as a whole. One thing that I would say is that the fact that the book skipped a month did slightly hurt the momentum whilst reading but the contents of the book ramped it up.
One thing that really allows this book to be great is balance. In events, it is typical for writers to focus on one character or set of characters, which often gets a lot of charcters being thrown to the wayside. Instead with metal it provides a challenge for the Wonder Woman and Dr Fate team, Batman and Superman team, Green Lantern and Mr Terrific team, and Aquaman and Deathstroke team. The challenges are all unique but related to the idea of Metal. Metal really excels because of it’s crazy, bombastic and off the wall ideas.
The issue really focuses a lot on Batman and Superman and partially focuses on their relationship, as not only friends but basically brothers. It also gives us a history of Barbatos for the first time and also gives us a bit more about his plan, but I don’t feel we really got an idea of his endgame.
With all my praise for how new challenges are introduced it does have me concerned as Metal is coming close to the conclusion and it does feel that Scott Snyder may be introducing too many big concepts, too late in the stage. One criticism of a lot of events is that writers focus on set-up that the conclusion is often weak and I hope that this isn’t the case. 

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