Dark Knights Metal #3

by Batmanaruto on October 11, 2017

Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Greg Capullo
Colorist: FCO Plascencia
Publisher: DC Comics

In the last 2 issues of Dark Knights Metal we did seem to really get the feeling of this event being METAL. The last two issues were fast paced and exciting. It featured various cameos and allowed us to delve into the compelling mystery of the metal. So how does issue 3 hold up? Honestly, issue 3 is just alright.
A lot of issue 3 is people talking and explaining things. This aspect in a comic book can be good, but I feel the main bulk of the issue doesn’t really show us anything exciting or new, and it feels like it is re-capping a lot of previous information.
When there are tie-ins to an event usually the tie-ins either tell their own story, whilst following the theme of the main event or they actually contain story elements. The way DC has been doing there tie-ins by giving us 2 books a week has been great, however there is only one problem with this and this is highlighted here. You don’t have to read the tie-ins, but you need to read the tie-ins. What I mean by that is a lot of this issue serves to bridge the events from the previous tie-in, Gotham Resistance and the Dark Knights and lead into the next set of tie-ins, which are Justice League vs. Dark Knights and the remaining Dark Knights books. For anyone not reading the tie-ins the book has only a bit of information containing the overall story, but instead takes the time to quickly explain what happened in the previous tie-ins and set up the future teams for the next tie-in.
Having said this the parts that aren’t set-up or re-treading of the story is really cool as we do get a Superman focused issue. The art in the book by Capullo still looks great and we do find out some important information regarding Superman’s role in this storyline which is really interesting.
In conclusion Dark Knights Metal #3 is not a bad issue, but a necessary one. The book although slowed down in pace does have cool cameos by Detective Chimp and Nightmaster, and is still a really solid event.

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