Earth 2 #7

by Alex J. on December 08, 2012

Earth 2 #7

DC’s 52 reboot has shown us many new versions of some of our favorite heroes.  Some of them have been unbelievable successes while many, many others have been incredible failures.  Luckily, Earth 2 has so far proven to be in the much smaller former category.


The previous story arc showed us great promise.  The entire purpose of the first issue was to get rid of the DC trinity of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman so that the story can focus on other heroes.  We then saw the newly imagined origins of such Golden Age favorites as Jay Garrick and Allen Scott, respectively the Flash and Green Lantern of our grandfathers’ days.


While re-creating characters of such legend and history can be incredibly tricky and dangerous, DC was able to take this controversial idea and work it into a story that is not only enjoyable, but leaves us wanting more.  Fortunately, Earth 2 #7, the first issue in a new story arc, continues this trend.


The issue begins with Hawkgirl trying to convince Green Lantern to join her and Flash in a new superhero team.   The story soon changes focus and concentrates on the dealings of the World Army, more specifically its commander, Amar Khan, and his new equal, Terry Sloan.  In this issue, we get to see the rivalry between these two characters as they set the pieces for a dangerous game that gives an interesting political depth to this universe.


Earth 2 #7 shows the promise of a great story arc that will focus on a fair number of different characters.  In it, we are not only given the heroics of super-powered beings, but also the age-old fight between good and evil in the form of the machinations of two intelligent individuals.

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