Hawkeye #3

by Aaron Reese on February 07, 2017

Hawkeye 3

Writer: Kelly Thompson
Artist: Leonardo Romero
Publisher: Marvel Comics

I really really like Kate Bishop as Hawkeye. Writer Kelly Thompson adds just the right amount of unique personalization to Matt Fraction’s more comedic take on the character. She has now taken on the mantle of a world famous Avenger and is probably unworthy of it. That’s what makes her awesome.


Kate is barraged by people who say she’s not the REAL Hawkeye and don’t believe she has the credentials to be a real superhero. She ignores them and continues saving people one crime-ridden Santa Monica alleyway at a time.


Her youthful resilience is refreshing. It’s not only refreshing to the reader, but also to characters in the story who are drawn to her strong will. She has started to develop a gang of cohorts to help her not-quite-legal Private Investigations firm.


After being chased off a pier by mind-controlled frat boys and sorority sisters, Kate Bishop and her three friends, Quinn, Ramone, Johnny,  investigate the disappearance of Kate’s first client, Mikka. It pulls them into another frat party, but one that is less Eyes Wide Shut and more Can’t Hardly Wait (Yes, I’m pulling out only 90s references for this).


Other important things to happen this issue:

  • Kate flirts with a boy.

  • She checks out abs and continues to think about sandwiches while in immediate danger.

  • Artist Leonardo Romero shows a use for pouches on an archer. Apparently Kate keeps her cellphone in one.


Even if you’re upset with the direction that Marvel is going with its steady stream of big events and replacement characters, this is an excellent series to pounce on. It has a charismatic main character who is written well from a female perspective and has a strong supporting cast (even if they’re thinly developed thus far). It’s excellent.

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