Star Wars Knight Errant : Escape

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This is the third Knight Errant series from Dark Horse Comics, written by John Jackson Miller and illustrated by Marco Castiello. The story takes place approximately 1032 years before the events of A New Hope. 

Kerra Holt is a Jedi way behind Sith lines who is trying to offer hope and protection to people who have none under Sith rule. In this series she is working for Sith Lord Daiman by infiltrating Sith Lord Odion's forces. Of course she has a secret agenda of her own (which I won't spoil). There's a whole cast of supporting characters who you have to know are not always what they seem, even though they all work for the Sith.

With this first issue this series has started stronger than the previous ones. Though you don't really need to go back and read them to know what's going on, it couldn't hurt. I highly recommend Knight Errant to any newcomer to Star Wars comics or hardcore fan. The main cover is awesome, but collectors should keep their eyes open for the variant cover.



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I used to collect Star Wars comics like there was no tomorrow. I've always wanted to start up again, but I'm so behind in the stories, I didn't know where to start. Thanks for the tip & good review.

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not the best series to start with. I would go with Star Wars Dawn Of The Jedi (still recent) or the upcoming Lost Tribe Of The Sith.