Review - Lost Tales of Captain Ultimate - "Appetite for Destruction"

For those of us spinning our wheels until the release of Captain Ultimate #2 in September, the creators have thrown us a delightful bone to chew on in the meantime.  "Appetite for Destruction" comes in the form of a prose story from a pulply Sci-Fi mag called "Astounding Science-Fantasy."

The gorgeous cover by Taylor Stuaft starts off the experience in a great way.  He recreated the look of those old drug store mags your nerd father had lying around the house when you were young.  Even the couple of typos I found felt at home in the pages.  The story itself is pretty straightforward.  Benjamin Bailey and Joey Esposito give us a little nugget of a story about their creation, Captain Ultimate.  He finds himself in a predicament, faces down a challenge, uses teamwork to overcome and walks away the victor.  It's a traditional superhero story, and it's very refreshing.  One of the big PR pushes the Captain Ultimate team has been employing is the tagline "Comics Are Fun Again."  I'm a big supporter of this movement, and Captain Ultimate in general.  I wasn't expecting to get some Captain Ultimate action in a different medium in my in-box this week, but it was a pleasant surprise.

This story, "Appetite for Destruction," shows some of the extensive background of Captain Ultimate the creators have hinted towards.  There are elements of action, mysticism, fantasy and some Lovecraftian influences.  This is well worth reading, especially since you get an entire story in just a few pages.  I am looking forward to seeing how the Captain Ultimate universe is expanded in the future.  There's more going on here than what you might expect after reading the first issue.  This is something special, and I'm glad I get to experience it at this point in my life.