Review Of Flash Gordon Zeitgeist #5

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Flash Gordon is the greatest space fantasy hero of all, but this comic leaves him surely lacking.

I'd expect a more well laid out book that has been plotted and directed by Alex Ross. The story in this series finds Flash Gordon jettisoned to another dimension ruled by Ming the Merciless, and then brings the hordes of Ming back to earth where they side with Hitler in World War 2 and Flash and friends battle them. An easy concept? You'd think but the story jumps all over the place and the art and colouring leave you as to guessing who is who throughout. 

I'd say save your money on this issue and series and buy something else from Dynamite.



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Good review. That's too bad, although I appreciate collector's who try different titles rather then what's popular or trendy. I've never read any Flash Gordon comics, hell, I've never even seen the cheesy movie, but I like the Queen song. Keep the reviews coming.

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I buy mostly Dynamite book more than any other company. And the few of us at the local store who get this book are not impressed. But that said the owner and one other friend are trying the Ming the Merciless title, so you never know how it could be with a different creative team.