Staff Picks of the week for NCBD February 14th, 2018

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Welcome to our staff picks of the week.  Our writers read a big pile of comics every week so we thought it would be fun if they each picked their favorite issue of the week. Keep in mind we don’t read everything, this is our personal favorite from what we did read.  We are still looking for a catchy title for the column, if you have any ideas please let us know. Tell us your favorite issue of the week below in the comments, on our Facebook page, or on our Twitter feed. Without further ado here are our favorite comics for the week of February 14th, 2018.
My favourite book of the week has to be Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt. It relies on both continuity that I love and ties it into an event that I'm really enjoying too. Snyder and co. really outdid themselves with the writing and the art team was phenomenal as well. Metal is a really awesome event and this just adds to it and continues to improve it. My only hope is that it doesn't fall apart at the very end but so far the creative teams haven't shown me anything to suggest it will.
It was a close call because I read some great stuff, but my favorite book this week was The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #16. Nathan Stockman is, in my opinion, an improvement on the visual front that brings a much smoother look to the title. He’s a great fit for the family-oriented, light-hearted vibe that RYV is all about. This was also Jody Houser’s best issue yet. I dare say it’s on par with Ryan Stegman’s issues — maybe even some of Gerry Conway’s. Like Charles said in his review, it is a little sit-com-ish, but I don’t mind as long there’s super hero shenanigans to make it feel a little more original. The conflict between Annie and Peter is just the kind of thing I think this book might need. It’s kind of been smooth sailing between the members of the family since the beginning, so it’s about time we get some light drama between them to drive the plot more than before. This is a great starting point for new readers, too. I can easily recommend that anyone give this a read.
Judas #3
This series is so creative and beautiful in it’s writing and artwork. This issue in particular was a big moment of the miniseries so it was full of twists of the story. It had some panels featuring some of the best artwork of the series. It’s a very exciting comic book and I highly recommend it.
It was another great week for comics! I have lots of love for Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt #1 but my pick of the week goes to Marvel Two-In-One #3. I’ve never really read a ton of FF but I’m finding this to be quite the engaging storyline and the art work is top notch. Excellent reading!!