The Blogging Dead : The Walking Dead Season 4 : episode 1 : 30 Days without an accident (aired October 13, 2013)

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Things are back to normal at the prison camp, whatever passes as normal in zombie world. After taking what’s left of Woodbury’s survivors and giving them food & shelter, walkers are putting pressure on the fence. Meanwhile on a scouting mission, Daryl and few others have a brutal walker encounter, while Rick stumbles on a lost woman who once mirrored his own descent into madness.

The Good

Carved and devoured enough turkey? Now it’s time to carve some walker meat, as Season 4 of The Walking Dead kicks into high gear. This was a good and solid first episode after a 7 month hiatus. I still think the group should’ve moved into Woodbury to rebuild and fortify the walls, but things seem to be improving at the prison. There’s a little café ran by Carol, Rick herds pigs and Hershel tends to his garden. For once there’s seems to be a real sense of community, peace and tranquility, but this is The Walking Dead, peace & tranquility isn’t part of it’s vocabulary.
There are some great action walker moments when the scouting team enter an abandoned mini mall with a weak roof. There’s also some sweeter and quieter moments between Maggie and Glen and Carol’s has a “How to use a knife 101” class to the kids makes sense in this world.

The Bad

Rick’s reasons to go for a stroll outside the perimeter seemed a little unnecessary and has a rather confusing ending.

The Ugly

Plenty of blood and gooey gore to go around…

Best walker kill

In the convenient store, Sasha has a few disfiguring stabs at some poor walker, but this one goes to the walkers themselves. Just by falling through the rotted ceiling and impaling them selves or going splat on the floor. “Walkers are falling on my head!”

Best Bad-ass scene

Daryl standing on top of a table standing like the walker king as walkers are closing in.

Best line of dialogue

The lost woman tells Rick with her dying breath “You don’t get to come back from the things you’ve done”

Closing thoughts and half eaten grey matter

What happened to Patrick is open for debate. Were the livestock infected then eaten? Or was he always sick and dying? The show is in terrific form, with some good writing and great makeup effects, Season 4 is off to a great start.