The Blogging Dead : The Walking Dead Episode 14 : Prey (aired March 17, 2013)

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Fed up with the Governor’s obsessions with war (and torture), Andrea flees Woodbury and ends up trapped in an abandoned warehouse filled with walkers and the Governor himself right behind her. Meanwhile, an unknown assailant torches the Governor’s walker pit, sabotaging his plans against Rick.

The Good

An edge of seat episode, as Andrea runs for her life in a walker infested maze and survives… only to be captured by the Governor and thrown into his scary torture chamber. She’s still a bad-ass walker killer. Loved the scene where Andrea is almost home free, just to have the Gov yank her back into his captivity.
Well, if you ever wondered if walkers could survive being burned alive (or dead), you got your answer. Extra crispy walkers = extra creepy walkers. Some more character development for Tyrese and the gang. Tyrese is a character to watch, he seems to be a gentle giant, but piss him off and watch out.

The Bad

Not this episode Jack!

Best walker kill

This one goes to the Gov, as he plunges a shovel into a walker’s face 3 or 4 times.

Best bad-ass scene

A winded and gunless Andrea leans against a tree and single-handedly takes out a couple of walkers with a small knife. You go girl!

Best line of dialogue

Michonne gives Andrea a little bit of background info on her 2 jawless & armless walker pets as she says… “They deserved what they got. They weren’t human to begin with.”

Closing thoughts & half eaten grey matter

Another great episode. Anybody else notice that the Governor is resembling the Governor from the comics more & more with each passing episode. Nice torture kit Cyclops! Faith and Begorrah and a happy St-Paddy’s Day everyone!