Hideaway of Horror : Train to Busan

by lucstclair on March 26, 2017

Hello my little goblins, welcome to my Hideaway of Horror! Every week I'll be posting blogs, thoughts, news, movie reviews, comic reviews or top 10 lists on everything that is the beautiful and nasty realm of horror. For my first entry, I give you my review of Train to Busan. Enjoy freaks! 

All aboard the chew-chew train, as fast moving zombies attack passengers on a bullet train in this thrilling South Korean horror flick. 

Seok-Woo is a separated workaholic father who's emotionally disconnected from his young daughter Soo-An. After missing her school recital and giving her a Nintendo Wii for her birthday that she already has, her wish is to go visit her mother by train who lives in Busan. 

At the same time nearby, an epidemic has begun sweeping the nation as infected humans turn into mindless rabid maniacs who then attack their victims by biting and gnawing them,  quickly turning them into the same violent condition, thus spreading the disease more and more.

One of the victims sneaks onboard and bites one of the train attendants and stumbles into a crowded compartment biting and infecting passengers that quickly escalates into chaos. Seok-Woo, his daughter and the passengers flee in horror as they move away from one compartment to another to try and escape the bloody carnage.

Train to Busan doesn't really reinvent the zombie genre, it borrows heavily on films like 28 Days Later and World War Z, but that doesn't mean I didn't like it. Like the zombies, once the action and the tension sinks its teeth into you, it doesn't let go. 

There's no gore, but plenty of plasma, violence and veiny zombies to satisfy any horror fan. The CG is used well, mixed with some practical special FX. I also kept thinking about the movie Snowpiercer, except this train doesn't seem endless. The passengers keep moving to the next compartment, but you know that they'll eventually reach the end, which adds tension to the viewer. By interacting and watching the infected, the humans discover a weakness, which I won't spoil, but I thought was very clever. 

The human characters do their parts well, with a funny character like Sang-Hwa, a tough father to be who's protecting his pregnant wife and some cowardly asshole characters who are only looking out for themselves, every horror movie has them.

Like I said, not terribly original, but what it lacks in originality, it makes up with action, tension and style. Available on Netflix. 

Rating : 7/10





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