Disney bought Star Wars... and that's a good thing

On Tuesday, Oct. 30, Disney did a thing a lot of people probably didn’t imagine Disney doing, and bought the Star Wars franchise from the weird uncle of the nerds, George Lucas. Swiftly afterwards, they announced a seventh Star Wars film would be released is 2015, and everywhere in the world fans of the franchise simultaneously rejoiced, bitched and joked about the future of one of the most popular and significant series of all time.


I presume some readers are unsure how to feel, but don’t fret, because I’m going to tell everyone exactly how they should feel, because I’m a nice guy.


This is a good thing, a very good thing.


The first (and maybe only) reason is that it gets Star Wars the hell away from Lucas. The guy is an infection as far as that franchise is concerned, especially when the recent trilogy is taken into account. Lucas is an absolutely abysmal screenwriter. He may have conceived of the greatest story line in Science Fiction history, but when it comes to writing dialogue and developing characters, Lucas is about as useful as kindergartener. It’s harsh, but it’s true.


The second thing to consider is what Disney has done with property that wasn’t initially its own, and comic book fans should especially receptive of this change. The Marvel Universe films had been (and still, partly) are completely all over the place before Disney bought Marvel. Some of the movies were good, but as a whole, they were, at best, inconsistent, and at worst, we got Daredevil. With Disney, Marvel fans got focus, a well-worked plan, and an absolutely incredible payoff in the Avengers film earlier this year.


If nothing else, Marvel fans owe Disney the three years and first film to criticize.


Disney is also a part of the fantastic game series Kingdom of Hearts, and the small possibility that we’ll get to play through that game with Luke Skywalker is incredibly exciting.


It’s also worth noting that the comic book line will stay with Dark Horse for the near future, but that’s pretty much all that’s been definitively said on that. I’d hate to see Dark Horse lose it, but I can’t say that I don’t think Marvel would do a fine job with them if they were given the chance.


In the end, I trust Disney to put the right amount of money in the right peoples hands to make this Star Wars films worthwhile and high quality. They’ll get the best writers and best directors, and we’ll end up with a movie that isn’t a testament to the size of Lucas’ ego, but hopefully to the power and history that Star Wars has. I honestly have no idea where they’re going to take the story, and I honestly have no idea where I want them to, all I know is that I’m excited.


I think that it's great we will get another set of Star Wars movies. Already it's been announced that Episode VII is going to be an original story and that's a good thing. I'm hoping that we'll get to see some of the other Jedi in action and see if anyone survived at the events in Episode III. There will be people that don't like the new movie or the thought of any more movies being made, but I'm willing to give it a chance and see what we get. 

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I am willing to give it a shoot, it is true that they have made some changes when it comes to the Marvel movies.

Nice piece. I'm hoping we get the untouched original triology on dvd. That is all I want, all I have ever wanted.

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The last DVD set released before the Blu Ray edition had the originals untouched on bonus discs.

I'm super excited about this purchase, not for more merchandise or comics but for more movies! There was a rumour a few years ago that Joe Jonston (director of Captain America) was after George Lucas to let him make a Boba Fett movie. Now with this purchase i think we stand a good chance of seeing this movie made!

My speculation on the comics side of this purchase is that Dark Horse has unitl the end of their current contract before Disney hands it in house to Marvel. Just look to Boom! studios, they had the original Disney contract and then Disney bought Marvel. I'm just hoping that Marvel treats the series with respect and doesn't can titles mid way through a storyline because sales are low. 

I'll post pics of me in line at the movie theatre tomorrow, 2015 is just around the corner!!!!