Animal Man #4

by stephengervais on December 19, 2011

Writer Jeff Lemire continues issue after issue of Animal Man to build a suspenseful story that just never seems to let up.

This issue has Buddy and Maxine fighting the agents of Rot who have infiltrated The Red. We also learn more about Maxine’s destiny and what role Buddy will play in it.

As was the case last issue my favorite part of the story is the half dealing with Ellen and Cliff as they battle the last Hunter. The way Lemire jumps between this story and the action going on in the Red the momentum never ends. It’s eerie, exciting, and leaves you wanting more.

The horror of the story is emphasized by the wonderfully repulsive drawings of Travel Foreman. With every piece of torn flesh, intestinal trail, and shattered bone the terror of the story comes to life. If you don’t believe me just take a look at the cliffhanger!

This issue delivers another excellent installment to this fantastic series.

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Wow. Sounds worthy of Grant Morrison's run on Animal Man.