Legends of the Dork Knight Special Guide to Joker War DC Comics Hey guys. I thought I would take the chance to give you an official Comics The Gathering checklist to the upcoming Joker War, which is set to be the biggest DC Multiverse crossover event since  The New 52 when Scott Snyder gave us the Night of the Owls story in Batman. Since James Tynion began his run in Batman with issue #86, he’s been laying out the groundwork for the epic and possible final battle between the Dark Knight and the Clown Prince of Crime himself and fans can’t get enough! I’ve seen tons of

Legends of The Dork Knight #4 March 2020   Well, here we are again! The start of a new month and March is always one of my most favorite months. My birthday is in March and is followed by the antics of St. Patrick’s Day and also the return of warm weather, well for me here in Florida anyway. March is also a great month for comics and comic news, and we get a lot of previews for what’s to come over the Summer months. Since my last issue there has been quite a bit of news released concerning the Dark Knight so let’s jump in! The “Murphyverse” expands!

Harley Quinn and I have always had a warmish relationship; I love seeing her in reruns of Batman: The Animated Series, thoroughly enjoy her appearances in the DC animated films, and absolutely adored her role in Tom Taylor’s Injustice series. Beyond that, however, Harley’s own comics always seem to find their way to the bottom of my ever-growing list of things to read; when Suicide Squad happened in 2016, she shone as the film’s centerpiece. Brought to life by the stellar Margot Robbie, Harley and her cotton candy-tipped blonde pigtails, trusty baseball bat and iconic trashy

Legends of The Dork Knight issue #3 Welcome back Bat-fam! I know I really dropped the ball the last two months but with Christmas and then some issue in my own personal life this month it’s been hard to sit down and have the time to bust out this blog, but I’m back in full swing and we are on track to keep this thing going every month again! The best (and worst) part of taking a two-month hiatus is that there has been so much new Batman news to cover that I can write for hours and hours and still have more to share with you guys! I appreciate all the support I received on

Intro Locke & Key is the latest comic book adaptation to come to Netflix. Based off Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez’ graphic novel series of the same name. It follows the Locke family who, after their father Rendell is killed, relocate to Keyhouse, the Locke ancestral home. After moving in the three children find magical keys with fantastical abilities, along with an evil being, Dodge, who has nefarious designs for the keys. I defy you not to get a shiver down your spine when she’s Introduced. It falls to the three children to save the day because for some unexplained

  So, we are well into ‘Dawn of X’ and some books have shined right from the start. Some books had a rocky start but have really improved. Some books had a very strong start and then just plummeted to their supposed death. One thing can be said about ‘Dawn of X’ though, none of the books hold up to the level of quality or uniqueness brought to us by ‘House of X’ or ‘Powers of X’ series. Jonathan Hickman really managed to bring us something truly amazing, and when the bar is raised that high, it can be hard to reach that level again; even

Why Should I Be Excited About Locke & Key? So many reasons. Before getting into the reasons why you should be excited though I should probably tell you a little about Locke & Key. It's an upcoming adaptation of Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez's incredibly successful comic series. It follows the Locke family who, after their father Rendell is killed, move to Lovecraft (or Matheson in the Netflix series) and their family’s ancestral home, Keyhouse. This house is filled with magical keys which each have different, incredible powers. Then there’s the lady in the

As 2019 comes to an end we thought a fun way to celebrate an amazing year in comics would be to share with you our favorite reads of the year.  We got together and each of us chose one book for 3 categories, our favorite ongoing series, our favorite story arc or mini-series, and our favorite single issue of the year. This isn’t the traditional “best of comics list” which you’ll find in abundance with a quick Google search. This is more of way for you to get to know us better and what we really enjoyed reading this year. We think of it more as a fun way to

In the wake of Thursdays general election in the UK, and the results on Friday, I can’t help but feel Hellblazer is the comic that we NEED right now, both here in the UK and the world in general. I’ll try to share my reasons for this without diving too much into the politics. There's a number of reasons for that, although first and foremost this is as a comic book website which isn't exactly the venue for deep political analysis. Also nobody wants to hear me ramble on about politics, people come here for comic book reviews. At its most basic a comic book is just another

The Magic of Eightball On the Mount Rushmore of alternative comic book creators, along with Art Spiegelman and both Hernandez Brothers, is Daniel Clowes. Where’s Chris Ware, you may be asking. He’s on my imaginary landmark too, along with many others. The alt comix Mount Rushmore would have way more than 4 faces because they’re never ones to play by the rules. Cartoonist Daniel Clowes’ first comic series for the seminal independent comic publisher, Fantagraphics, was a 50’s jazz & film noir influenced detective comic called Lloyd Llewellyn. In 1986, it ran


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