He is known to many as the Man Without Fear. Matt Murdock, Daredevil has been a champion in Hell’s Kitchen, a part of New York City for many years now. Daredevil is a hero that just can’t seem to catch a break no matter how hard he tries. As a young child Matt’s mother suffered from postpartum depression and left him and his father to become a nun. Matt’s father told Matt that she had died instead to save him the grief of knowing his mother just abandoned them. Later a young Matt was hit in the face with radioactive waste as he tried to save an old man crossing the

  Jean Grey has been a very popular and cherished character since her debut in X-Men #1 all the way back in 1963. She started off as more of a B level team member until a cosmic event would transform her into the Omega level mutant we know today. Over the decades she has died and been reborn which is fitting for a character named Phoenix. Her last death was back in 2004’s New X-Men run by all-star writer Grant Morrison.   Many thought we would never see her again, but then a schism struck the X-Men. Cyclops took those that would follow him and Wolverine took those that would

This opinion piece is about the latest Marvel controversy, in which Marvel requested for comic book store owners, wear a Hydra T-shirt and change their logo to a Hydra logo. This has caused a lot of controversy as of late, which is expected. Some saying it’s just harmless fun, whilst others are saying it’s a terrible and tone-deaf move from Marvel.   As a black guy, I feel like I’m supposed to confirm the opinions of those that hate this idea. If you cannot already tell I’m not going to do that. However, I will say this Nazis are bad and Hitler is bad. I really

The one thing that I have always loved about the X-Men is that they aren't just superheroes saving the day. Many of the stories that have been told over the years have been injected with some serious emotions. There have been deaths, great loves, moments of depression and so many more.   X-Men has always been a book that many readers have been able to relate to on one level or another. It's why X-Men has always been a flagship franchise for Marvel. If you talk to any comic book fan many will tell you it was X-Men that brought them into the world of comics.   So to

There are few creative teams that generate as much excitement as Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo do. Their work on Batman is going to be long-remembered, and for good reason. Snyder's Batman was fun, exciting, tense, and was brought to life perfectly by Capullo's deft pencils, as well as the work of the art team of Jonathan Glapion, Danny Miki, and FCO Plascencia. Their next project has been teased since the beginning of the year, and we finally know what it is.   The panel announcing the team's new project was moderated by DC co-publisher Dan DiDio. He was joined by fellow

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Hideaway of Horror and do I have a treat for you this week. An interview with comic book writer Cullen Bunn!!! Cullen was nice enough to answer a few questions for CTG, he talked about how he got into the comic book business, his love of horror movies and his upcoming projects including his new horror comic series Regression, coming out this May from Image. Enjoy!   1.     Your upcoming comic Regression deals with hypnosis and the possibility of past lives. What was your inspiration?    My father was a

Hello my little goblins, welcome to my Hideaway of Horror! Every week I'll be posting blogs, thoughts, news, movie reviews, comic reviews or top 10 lists on everything that is the beautiful and nasty realm of horror. For my first entry, I give you my review of Train to Busan. Enjoy freaks!  All aboard the chew-chew train, as fast moving zombies attack passengers on a bullet train in this thrilling South Korean horror flick.  Seok-Woo is a separated workaholic father who's emotionally disconnected from his young daughter Soo-An. After missing her school recital and giving

Since I was very young I have loved Superheroes they have subsequently become my life. I remember being very young and just enamored with Richard Donner's Superman movie. Then like any child of the 80s, Saturday morning cartoons were everything. I was introduced to Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends and as many were drawn to Spider-Man like my good friend David was, I was taken by the wise cracking Iceman. There was just something different about him than any other of the superheroes I had know up until that point.  It was the mid 80s and I was so enthralled with anything

Comics, at least American superhero comics, which is what this article/diatribe is mostly about, are a weird medium. I think it was Matt Fraction who talked about the illusion of the second act in comics, and he roughly said something like how, after introducing the reader to their world, comics series need to have a never-ending second act, because they're meant to just continue indefinitely. Last year there was a conversation about the limits of the comics marketplace due to the cancellation of Walker and Villalobos’ Nighthawk. I don’t want to rehash that whole argument

This is our interview with Jason Inman, co-host of DC All Access, Jawiin, who also works for Screen Junkies, about his comic book Jupiter Jet. How did you get into comics?   It really started out with me buying my first comic book in Walmart which was Batman #466, where Batman was tied to a rocket. After that it was really me reading the Death of Superman, because it really truly introduced me to the world of DC. After that I just read everything, not just DC.     What advice would you give for anyone who wants to start their own comic book?   Jump right into it. The


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