QMX Q-Fig Wolverine Diorama Review

by Wes Greer on March 05, 2023

Quantum Mechanix 
MARVEL’S 80th: Wolverine Q-Fig Diorama 

About Quantum Mechanix
Quantum Mechanix Inc. is a Los Angeles-based creative studio and developer of screen-accurate replicas, collectibles, apparel and artwork inspired by entertainment’s most beloved shows and movies.
We focus on serving the most demanding customers – from dedicated fans to the industry’s most prestigious production companies and studios – with the most detailed, accurate, beautifully finished products possible.

Our product lines include:
  • Character figures, from our realistic 1:6-scale articulated figures and Mini Masters figures to our signature stylized Q-Figs and Q-Bits.
  • Screen-accurate re-creations of props and scale models.
  • Detailed plush characters, including our Q-Pals™ plush figures.
  • High-quality prints inspired by beloved science fiction TV and films. This category includes blueprints, expanded-universe reference packs, and character and vehicle posters.
  • Highly detailed novelty collectibles such as key chains, badges, challenge coins and jewelry from our QMx Caliber™ line, plus Q-Tags™ luggage tags, stickers and more.
  • Apparel, including “discreet geek” T-shirt designs.

QMx currently operates under licenses from such studios as Bad Robot Productions, CBS Consumer Products, DC Entertainment, Funimation, Marvel, Mutant Enemy Productions, NBCUniversal, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sunrise, Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Bros. Entertainment.
Licensed franchises include Bad Robot, Battlestar Galactica, Cowboy Bebop, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, DC Universe, Firefly, Star Trek, Super 8, and Supernatural.

Packaging –

The QMX Wolverine Diorama comes packaged in a square cardboard packaging that does not have any windows in the box, but instead offers detailed X-Men art, as well as close up photos of the diorama itself. I personally am not usually a fan of windowless packaging, but QMX really goes above and beyond with theirs, offering enticing artwork and product photos, as well as fun quips and captions, such as the top of the box stating, “Boxes are meant to be open” which really appeals to me as an out of box collector and makes the buyer feel an eagerness to want to open the box and see the product inside for themselves. A simple, yet genius marketing move. 

Sculpt -

QMX is a company that offers miniature dioramas that usually range in the 4 to 5 inch scale range and they have a very unique style to them as well that still represents the character in their full scale, but adds a playfulness to them like Funko does with their POP line or a handful of other vinyl companies do. I will say that even though these dioramas lean more towards a playful and childish scale, QMX offers a more realistic resemblance to the original characters than others do, which you can see in this Wolverine diorama. The sculpting on this figure specifically is done beautifully from the cowl on his head, down to his gloves and boots. You can clearly look at this diorama and know exactly what character it is supposed to be even if it was unpainted and they have gone above and beyond to deliver so much detailing and quality of sculpt for such a small scale diorama, which is another key factor that sets QmX apart from other companies who offer similar products. You are getting a lot of sculpting detail for your dollar with this figure and it makes it worth every penny of the suggested retail pricing.

Paint – 

The paint on this Q-Fig is beyond anything I would expect from a product like this at this price point. Similar products offer only the simplest of paint jobs whereas this Q-Fig diorama goes above and beyond offering not just the basic of painting, but they go above and beyond offering accents and details that mimic the source material, making this Wolverine look like he came right off the pages of a comic book. This Wolverine diorama offers bright and bold colors in in his costume bringing the classic yellow, black, and blue of his costume to life right before your eyes while adding fun details like the white accents that make him look like he is in motion and even detailing the hairs on his arms. It details like this that make QmX one of the best products of its kind that I’ve ever reviewed and why I choose to purchase them myself personally. The paint of the character really pops against the black and orange chosen for the base of the diorama as well which just gives it that extra flair. While there is so much positive to say about the paint, unfortunately there are a few flaws as well I noticed on this particular diorama. There are spots on the X base he stands on where you can see too much paint was applied and began to run down, as well as a bit of over spray in certain areas that created little paint spots on the base. 
Overall though, the paint on this diorama looks great and the defects really don’t stand out or are very noticeable when the figure is on display unless you really look at them. 

Articulation – 

This diorama is a static statue-like diorama and does not offer any articulation.

Overall –

The QMX Q-Fig Wolverine is a fantastic piece that truly captures the energy and the essence of the character in a fun and unique way that offers fans of the character a cost effective way to own a unique and vibrant display piece  that will stand out from anything else and will draw immediate attention and love from anyone who sees it. While the paint job isn’t 100 percent on point, it’s still a remarkable looking piece that offers more than most other similar products and is easily forgiveable. If you’re a die hard Wolverine fan and looking to add a new piece to your collection or just want something fun and or different, the QmX Q-Fig Wolverine is the product for you!

Where to purchase –

You can purchase the Q-Fig Wolverine Diorama directly from Quantum Mechanix on their website here, https://qmxonline.com/products/wolverine-q-fig-diorama
or you can also purchase it from various online or big box retailers such as
Wal-Mart and Amazon. 

-Wes Greer