Key Comic Releases Week of June 16 / 17

by Wes Greer on June 15, 2020

Key Comic Releases 
Week of June 16th / 17th

After an incredible return of comics last week, this weeks sees the beginning of one of the most anticipated mini series of the year with Dark Nights Death Metal #1. This week we also see the return of Strange Adventures with issue #2 and a Flash and Nightwing Annual from DC Comics. As far as Marvel goes however, this week there are no issues being released in print. With all of the excitement building, here are the key issues you need to know about.

Lady Zorro #1
Writer – Patrick Shand
Art – Mike Wolfer
Publisher – American Mythology Productions
*First appearance of a new Lady Zorro

Nightwing Annual #3
Writer – Dan Jurgens
Art – Inaki Miranda
Publisher – DC Comics
*First appearance of the Condors

The Crow: Lethe #2
Writer – Tom Seeley
Art – Llias Kyriazis
Publisher – IDW
*Cover art by Peach Momoko

Metal Men #7
Writer – Dan DiDio, Shane Davis
Art – Davis and Michelle Delecki
Publisher – DC Comics
*First Appearance of the Metal Animals

Hawkman #24
Writer – Robert Venditti 
Art – Fernando Pasarin
Publisher – DC Comics
*First cameo appearance of the Lord Beyond the Void

Dark Nights Death Metal #1
Writer – Scott Snyder
Art – Greg Capullo
Publisher – DC Comics
*First Appearance of the T-Rex Batman as well as alternate universe Batmen 
*First Appearance of the Robin King

A Man Among Ye #1
Writer – Stephanie Williams 
Art – Craig Cermak
Publisher – Image Comics
*First issue of a new series 

Power Rangers / TMNT #5
Writer – Ryan Parrott
Art – Simone Di Mio
Publisher – BOOM Studios
*First appearance of a Turtle Megazord 

Writer – James Tynion 
Art – Michael Dialynis
Publisher – BOOM Studios
*Series premiere issue