Kickstarter Spotlight - 20 Fists

by stephengervais on December 03, 2018

This column kicks off what we hope will be a new monthly feature here at CTG. We will be spotlighting a Kickstarter campaign to bring more attention to the project and get the backing it needs to get done! We hope you enjoy it and you consider backing the creators and their work.

For our inaugural column it’s my pleasure to announce the latest creation by former CTG columnist, Frankee White, 20 Fists! Joining Frank on the project is artist Kat Baumann and letterer DC Hopkins. Together they are putting together a 90 page black and white original graphic novel. I’ve scrolled through a media package of the finished pages and it looks like an action packed romp with plenty of great dialogue and a complex romantic angle. Their tag line sums it up best, “The Warriors meets a gay Romeo and Juliet during a break-up”.

The story is described as being heavily influenced by romance and action with a western vibe and a battle manga element mixed throughout!

Here’s the creative team’s more elaborate story description pulled directly from their Kickstarter campaign page.

Chel has it easy, or at least she thinks. She wakes up, stumbles out of bed, and busts heads with her friends, The No Names, in the 20 Fists Fight League. This underground league is a loose association of like-minded people: they just want to fight. These battles can take place whenever and wherever. You name it: a movie theater, a park, your living room. It doesn’t matter as long as the two teams are ready to go. 

Enter The Big Jackets, a rival crew that has consistently been butting heads with The No Names for the past few months. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone though because we all know that The Big Jackets leader, Billie, has the hots for Chel, but being lovers in rival crews means friction on and off the battleground. It’s hard to keep a relationship together when you’re surrounded by people who just want to fight each other. 

The whole situation comes crashing down when Chel unexpectedly breaks things off with Billie leading both crews to their hottest and most dangerous match-up yet...

This is looks like a really fun read with impressive artwork. The team has put together some great incentives pledge packages along with the usually digital PDF and physical pledge points. Check out their Kickstarter page and pledge today! Let’s get this project backed!

In closing here are a couple of finished images pulled from the book by the talented aforementioned Kat Baumann.