AWA - Monster Makers Wanted

by Nick Devonald on January 25, 2021

AWA are currently looking for readers to share childhood memories with them. They want readers to either write or draw an account of the event. More info below:

We all can, somehow, recall certain childhood incidents and accidents with uncanny clarity. Some of these recollections we find ourselves recounting in words to anyone who will listen or reliving over and over in our minds eye. Do you have a memory that you would like to share with readers, in words or pictures?

If so, let’s make a deal that works like this:
– You write and or draw an account of the events (the “Memory”) – with complete creative freedom – just no lying. 
– AWA pays you $100 regardless of what you send, and $400 more if we ask you to do a second draft.
– You grant a limited license for AWA to use the Memory any way we want to everywhere, forever 
– You retain ownership of the Memory with no contractual restriction of your right to do whatever you want to do with whatever you sent to us everywhere forever.

To be considered please send a published sample of your work to If your work sample is unpublished please read the submission guidelines here.

AWA - Monster Makers Wanted