“New comics for April 2012”

by lucstclair on February 15, 2012

Since there were no new comics because of a late shipment today (sniff sniff) and I couldn’t leave my favourite comic book store empty handed, I purchased copies of Previews & Marvel Previews. I thought I’d comment on some upcoming comics coming out in April, so here goes…


  • Marvel: I guess I’ll start with the event everybody’s been talking about since it was first announced in 2011… Avengers VS X-Men! #1 & #2 will both be released, presumably bi-weekly. I’m gonna be one excited fanboy and from the sneak peek I’ve seen already seen, I think it’s gonna be awesome. Still haven’t decided if I’ll pick up all the AVX tie-ins… we’ll see.


The Omega Effect reunites Spider-Man, Daredevil & The Punisher in a three-part crossover event. Avenging Spider-Man #1 (Part 1), The Punisher #10 (Part 2) & concludes in Daredevil #11 (Part 3). It’s about some kind of treasure hunt.


And from Icon comes Mark Millar’s The Secret Service #1 with illustrations by Watchmen extraordinaire Dave Gibbons. Not a lot of details at this point, but Millar was quoted as saying that “ These are the best characters I’ve written”. I never miss out on a Mark Millar project.


  • DC : The first wave of The New 52 trades are here! If you missed out on a few of The New 52 titles, now’s your chance to pick some tpbs. Batman : Detective Comics Vol. 1 HC, Animal Man Vol. 1 : The Hunt tpb, Batwoman Vol. 1 tpb and many more!


  • Darkhorse : Here’s a strange one that no one saw coming, Groo Vs Conan #1 (of 4). Sounds hilarious!


  • Image : America’s Got Powers #1 from writer Jonathan Ross & illustrated by the very talented Bryan Hitch (Ultimates). Teen Titans meets American Idol!


Severed HC collects the popular horror mini-series from Scott Snyder (Batman). This is one I’m definitely picking up.


The Strange Talent of Luthor Strode Vol. 1 TPB has peaked my interest.


  • Dynamite Entertainment : And finally from the brilliant and disturbing mind of Garth Ennis comes The Shadow #1. I’ve never read The Shadow, but I’ve seen the cheesy Alec Baldwin movie that was pretty bad, but under the care of Ennis it has potential. This one’s a maybe.


So there you have some interesting projects for April 2011. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to bed and I’ll be dreaming of my new comics for tomorrow. I hate it when I don’t get my Wednesday comic book fix. GRRR!




The comic books have become less popular and the cartoons and videogames are still more popular. The superior writer like Charles Dickens is the most popular writer that many people still read.