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  • Spicy Toilet's Picks of the week:

    Bodies #1 

    4 detectives, 4 different time periods, 4 bodies.  And it’s written...
  • I know eh!! That's the one that grabbed both me and Frank right away too!!
  • Again due to some posting problems we are working on here are F.D. White's Picks of the week:

    Afterlife With Archie #6: Who would...
  • Due to some posting problems here are Spicy Toilet's Picks of the week:


    Monomyth #1 by OSSM comics.  The classic good vs evil...

  • The Alien Predator Prometheus event looks bananas! Did you get a chance to look at some preview pages online? It really looks great. I read Spidey off and on, I think I'll try a few issues of the...



Along with Luc "Juice" St-Clair I'm a co-founder of Comics: The Gathering. We wanted to make a website to review comic books. We do it for the love of the gendre and to share our thoughts on all things comic book. There's not one distinct style I like more than other, one day I'll read pulp, the next horror and the next super heroes. I love them all. We recruited a great bunch of writers which we are eternally greatful to have on our team. Such a great gang! Hope you enjoy the site.