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  • Tom Taylor's work on ANW is phenomenal! 
  • Wonder Woman #1: I have been trying to get into a Wonder Woman ongoing since I started reading comics 3 years back. Unfortunately, Brian Azzarello was in the middle of his...

  • Vision #6: This is easily my most anticipated read of the week. Tom King has been doing inspiring work on this series. It’s moody, philosophical, and even shocking. This comic...
  • I liked it more than both of those too, probably. I'm thinking it's in my top 3 standalone Marvel films (not counting Guardians in that) with Iron Man and Winter Soldier!
  • I loved what Reed did with this film and was honestly quite impressed! I remember seeing Ant-Man has found its new director and his last movie was Yes Man and thinking oh god, please no. But I...


I like comics. A lot.