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  • Nice job Stephen. I knew nothing of this before reading about it here and I'm interested to see what comes from the project. Funny how Vaughn, a guy who won't accept letters for the pages of...
  • Oops I meant Luc, sorry.
  • Cool interview Luke!  Interesting what he said about Image finally living up to its true potential.  There's no doubt there's been a huge shift over there these days.  It took...
  • Gotta love Scott's sexy exterior thong!

  • Solid review and writing here Luc!  I laughed, I cried, I'm going to check this one out!



I am 30 years old and have only been seriously reading comics for about 7 years.  But in that time I've attacked them as hard as possible and am constantly amazed at the incredible variety of books that exist in the medium.  I enjoy all types of comics, so long as they are created honestly with the intention of making good art, as opposed to the ones which employ slipery sales tactics in order to make money from a work that is hollow.  I can be found on Twitter under the name of @dace1314