Green Lantern #1 REview

by Wes Greer on May 09, 2023

Writer – Jeremy Adams
Art – Xermanico
Colorist – Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Letters – Dave Sharpe
Publisher – DC Comics

It’s an all-new comic release day and today may seem a bit brighter than usual thanks to the release of Green Lantern #1. It has been quite some time now since we’ve seen a Green Lantern solo title and what a better time than during the Dawn of DC to return Hal Jordan not only to earth, but to the main line up of DC titles.

Hal Jordan has returned to earth following the events of Dark Crisis and that is where this new story by Jeremy Adams begins. In Green Lantern #1, Adams de-constructs a lot of the complexities that have been surrounding the character of Green Lantern, Hal Jordan and takes things back to basics in a way that re-introduces this character to both long time readers of the character, as well as new readers, making this a great jumping on point. Much like his work on The Flash with Wally West, Adams takes a character who has been all over the place in recent years and brings Hal back to his roots while taking readers on a journey of discovery as Hal is trying to find himself again which humanizes the character and makes him more relatable to the reader as we take a front row seat to this journey. Adams brings back several key supporting characters to this issue as well and lays the seeds for what is sure to be an exciting and fun story of discovery and growth and I know I for one can does not wait to see what’s in store for Green Lantern.

For the art of Green Lantern, artist Xermanico, who worked on the Flashpoint Beyond series with Adams, reunites with the writer to deliver some of his best work we’ve seen to date as he is able to sell the emotions of Adams dialogue through his art, which is what gives this book the soul it has. Xermanico implements brilliant character designs in a breathtaking world that combines to bring an exciting essence visually to this story and sell the emotions of the dialogue to the readers, leaving them hooked as they move panel to panel that is cemented by the brilliant and bright colors of colorist Romulo Fajardo Jr. making this book one of the best-looking Green Lantern books I have read in years.

Overall, writer Jeremy Adams delivers a promising first issue that peels back the complex layers that have been added to Hal Jordan over the years and lays down the groundwork for what is sure to be an exciting story of exploration brought to life by the dynamic art team of artist Xermanico and colorist Romulo Fajardo Jr who bring the joy and excitement of the story to life visually. A great jumping on point for new readers that also celebrates long time readers.

Green Lantern #1 is available today at your local comic books shop or via digital format through your preferred digital retailer.
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-Wes Greer

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