by Wes Greer on October 06, 2020


Right now, Horror seems to reign king in the comics industry. So many of the latest stories to come out have been horror based and comic readers are eating it up and DC has not really been one of those publishers to jump on, until now and they couldn’t have picked a better time or a better series to get in the game with. American Vampire 1976 is the continuation of the original American Vampire series from Scott Snyder, Stephen King, and Rafael Albuquerque that was published under DCs imprint Vertigo, which has since been shut down. The series was a huge success and readers have been wanting the return for the last few years with Snyder promising fans that the series would return eventually. Enter now DC Black Label in October and the return of the acclaimed series with Scott Snyder and original artist Rafael Albuquerque returning in the prime time of year and when horror is at the top of the charts. They literally could not have come in at a better time and they do not disappoint with issue #1.

For the first issue, Snyder breaks down the world by introducing the main characters one at a time while giving key details about their past involvement in the original arc for new readers while giving long time readers an update on what has happened since then. If you are a new reader to the series, Snyder does an excellent job introducing the characters and the world while making sure not to lose them in the events. Long time readers will also enjoy the issue as Snyder is careful not to go overboard with the introduction and instead makes it feel as a refresher while celebrating the original story and giving us an update on what the characters have been up to since we last saw them. Snyder also does an excellent job keeping everything balanced and gives us an exciting and escalating story around the re-introduction that gets all readers excited for what is sure to be an exciting and wild adventure, taking us on one more wild rife with Skinner Sweet and the VMS.

The art od’s the series by Albuquerque also entices new readers with his beautiful character designs and the world he has created while giving the feel of the original story for long time readers. The art is a step up in my opinion from the original and feels a lot smoother as Albuquerque has clearly advanced his skills in the years since we last entered this beautiful world he created. The art is an incredible blend of an anime feel with a western kind of Sean Phillips sequel feel that ends up being something unique and special in the comic world right now. Albuquerque also does the colors of this issue which I feel adds even more to his artwork, letting him create the world as he imagined it in his mind from the beginning. The colors all help sell the feeling of the time, as well as the western kind of feel to the story. Everything is smooth and rendered beautifully and I could not find one detail anywhere in the issue that was not just top notch. Albuquerque really gave this his all and its just an incredible visual overall. The lettering of the issue is all clean and clear and easily read by the reader with no hesitation. An overall excellent effort from the art team.

Overall, American Vampire 1976 #1 is an exciting dip into the horror genre from DC Comics with Snyder easing new readers into the world while celebrating long time readers and setting a foundation for what is sure to be an exciting adventure ahead with beautiful visuals from Albuquerque that create a unique world for the reader to enjoy that really sells the  story as well as the time period creating a unique and exciting aesthetic for readers to get lost in. If you are looking for a way to celebrate the Halloween season right now with all the issues going on in the world, American Vampire 1976 is an excellent option to dive into and get lost in the beautiful world these creators have created.

American Vampire 1976 #1 is available today so jump on your motorcycles and grab your wooden vampire teeth and head over to your local comic book shop today! Make sure you guys let us know what you thought of this issue by leaving your comments below!

-Wes Greer


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