Justice League #52 Review

by Wes Greer on August 31, 2020

Writer – Jeff Loveness
Art – Robson Rocha
Ink – Daniel Henriques
Colors – Romulo  Fajardo Jr.
Publisher – DC Comics

Well, Justice League has for sure been an interesting title to cover ever since Scott Snyder ended his run with issue #39. We had Robert Venditti come on and was taking the story in a great direction and then he also left the series and since then we’ve been giving a whirlwind of creators coming in and shaking things up. Some good, some not so good but I can say it has been interesting seeing this character jump all over the DC Universe and this current two issue arc may be one of the best since Venditti was on board.

Justice League #52 is the second and final issue from Jeff Loveness and his story has taken us down a more emotional and in-depth journey wit the League. Instead of a bunch of action or events, Loveness used this arc to really explore the minds of the League and it was actually an enjoyable break from what we have been getting previously. This issue specifically takes readers into the mind of Bruce Wayne where the Black Mercy is speaking to him as his Mother and really dives deep into the choices he has made to shut himself off from the world on his mission and tries to show him that he could be so much more if he chose to be. It’s a deep dive for sure and at the end of the issue we see a kind of distraught Bruce trying to put everything he was shown together and almost questioning everything and then there is a beautiful moment shared between Batman and Superman at the end that is a perfect ending to this tale. There is a bit of an awkward jump from Bruce being under to all of a sudden out on the rooftops that really kind of feels rushed and I wish there was a little more in between the events but overall it is a great way to end the arc and set up the characters for whatever comes next.

The art of this issue is something we don’t see often and the best way I can describe it is almost like a bad acid trip. The art seems to be that of a nightmare with things distorted and very nightmarish in tone but its all done in a beautiful way, if that makes sense. It’s the perfect blend of dream and nightmare and really helps sell the tone of the story as we are shown the internal struggles inside of Bruce’s mind and all the beautiful what if moments the Black Mercy tries to show him. The colors also help illustrate the emotions and really help sell the dream, nightmare blend of the story and together create an immersive and emotional story that pulls the reader in. When the story goes out of the dream sequence, the tone of the art changes and we are giving some incredible character designs that feel more real world based vs the more animated tones we usually see in a Justice League issue and the attention to detail and realism really is incredible.

Overall, Justice League #52 is a nice change of pace from what we have been reading lately in Justice league and takes us on a more emotional ride that really makes readers think about their own lives which is something that only great writers are able to pull off. Although there is an awkward and rushed transition in the events of the story, its still holds up and is one of the better story arcs I’ve read in a while. The art pulls off the overall tones of the writing and takes readers into an immersive dream world that is beautiful and at times terrifying and the attention to detail really shines through at the end giving readers some of the best character designs we have seen in a Justice league story. Justice League #52 is available today so make sure you head out to your Local Comic Shop and pick it up because it is well worth the read and a nice new take on these characters we all know and love.

-Wes Greer

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