Batman #93 Review

by Wes Greer on June 23, 2020

Writer – James Tynion IV
Art – Guillem March, Javier Fernandez
Colors – Tomeu Morey, David Baron
Letters – Clayton Cowles
Publisher – DC Comics

I’m so excited to be getting back into the swing of things and writing reviews for Batman every other week again. It was such a bummer having to wait so long but the break from so many reviews was nice because it gave me a chance to pick up some other comics that I had missed out in. Anyway, now that we are back in full swing the road to Joker War continues. After the last issue of Batman, I knew going in that this one was going to be an action filled one because of all the events that were set up in issue #92 and boy was I right. This issue is fast paced and action packed and easily my most favorite issue yet from Tynion!

Batman #92 left off with Batman being surprised by the Designer and Batman #93 picks up at that exact same spot. The story begins with an exchange between Batman and The Designer which ultimately leads to a duel between the two. Tynion uses this interaction with the two to expose the overall plan and what has been going on behind the scenes the entire time and also uses this as an opportunity to shine a light on how Batman truly is the worlds greatest detective. The story then goes to the other events that were happening in issue 92 with Catwoman and Harley meeting with the Underbroker and Harley and Punchline’s first meetup. The story of goes becomes full paced at this event and we are taken on one of the most epic and exciting fight scenes in a Batman story to date.Tje action in this issue is incredible but that’s not the only thing that makes this issue great. During the fights of both parties in this issue a lot of information is brought to fruition that throws even Batman himself off and leads to one of the most shocking developments Tynion has given is yet since he began. The events ultimately bring everything to light and sets the path to Joker War coming up beginning with issue #95. With one more issue after this one before we are officially at Joker War, I don’t know if I can handle what is to come if this is any indication of the war Batman and company are about to fight in. Tynion has really turned Batman upside down with this issue and it’s the most exciting and emotional story I think I’ve read in a few years. 

For such a twisted tale of fate, I honestly don’t think there could have been a better art team assembled for this issue. Guillem March returns to issue #93 with his and dark and more sinister character designs and it is really just the perfect visual style to bring this type of writing to life. March not only brings his style to life in this issue but also brings in familiar design looks to the characters that Jorge Jimenez has created in this series. We also get a second artist in this issue in Javier Fernandez who also just needs to the visuals and keeps everything looking aesthetic making it all fit in the same world but adding his own stylings that are just gorgeous overall. March and Fernandez leave little panel room and pack each with an incredible amount of detail and design that really helps bring the emotions of the writing to life. The colors of this issue also hit the nail right on the head when it comes to seeking the emotions of the writing and this issue almost feels as if it’s a nightmare one might have but if this were one of my nightmares, I would not want to wake up because of the overall beauty of it. Morey and Baron do a fantastic job with their color collaboration and you really can’t tell there was two different colorists on this issue at all which speaks highly of their skills as well as communication. The lettering of the issue is clean and clear and very easily read with no hesitation. Overall this is one of the best issues we have gotten visually which is much needed as the story is of such high caliber.

I’m still trying to process how I feel after reading this issue and I am super bummed we have to wait two more weeks now to see the final chapter of this story and how Tynion and company are going to set is up for Joker War. With all the excitement in this issue, this easily could have been a final chapter but I’m jumping for joy knowing this was just a set up for the final chapter which means things can only get better in the next issue. Batman #93 is available at your local comic shop today or you can download it via digital download from your favorite digital retailer. This issue is so exciting that I recommend you be at your local shop the minute the doors open. If I could, I would honestly rate this issue a 12 out of 10! Let me know what you thought of the issue below in the comment section and tell me what you’re looking most forward too in Joker War.

-Wes Greer   


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