Batman the adventures continue #2 review

by Wes Greer on April 14, 2020

Writers – Paul Dini & Alan Burnett
Art – Ty Templeton
Colors 0 Monica Kubina
Letters – Joshua Reed

Finally, we have a new Batman comic book! I can not tell you guys how good it felt to open my laptop and start writing this review. Its been a rough month for everyone with the COVID-19 outbreak still being a major issue and the comic book world coming to an abrupt halt. Especially since we have gotten so used to having new comics to look forward to every Wednesday and we were in the middle of some incredible stories about to be released. It is just nice to have something new to read and thank goodness it happens to not only be a Batman story, but a story from the Batman animated world. These stories are a lot shorter than regular books, so I am not able to dive in as much but its still an amazing chapter and worth reviewing even if it isn’t as in depth!

Chapter two of this story takes us right back to the chaos of Lex Luthor holding Batman by the neck as the last issue left off and for the first half of this issue Batman is literally just being held up by his neck as him and Lex talk about Lex’s evil plan. I never understood why villains always feel the need to explain their full plan to the heroes they think they have caught, but Lex of all people should know better then to think he has Batman once and for all.  There are some awesome character reveals in this issue. Some characters we have seen in the animated series’ before but most exciting is new villains that we have not seen before. We get to see how these characters play into this world and I for one am super excited to see where the story takes us with these new characters. Although this story is short the writing team does an excellent job keeping us entertained and building the story up even more for future issues. It feels exactly like it belongs in the animated show world and Burnett and Dini continue to deliver magic even all these years later.

The art of this issue also keeps the flow of the animated world alive but gives us a newer and fresh take on the original. All the character designs feel as if though they were taken right off animation cells and while giving us the look we love of the original characters; Ty Templeton also gives us some new characters that sync right into the original mold. The coloring of this issue is simple but advanced in the same way (if you know what I mean) The colors are vivid and sharp and really make the art stand out while being sure not to go over the top and make the tones feel different. The lettering is all clear and crisp and is easily read. Another great job by the entire art team giving us new but familiar works at the same time.

This issue is an all-around fun and much needed break from the troubles some of us are going through right now. I know personally being a child of the 90s and now getting to relive a world I loved as a kid has really been an amazing thing as of late as I can still feel the excitement I felt when I was 7 waiting on Sunday nights to catch the latest episode. The story is just as impactful, and the art helps re-deliver that feeling as well. Whether you were a fan of the original series or not, Batman the Adventures Continue is a great book to get in to and well worth purchasing. This issue is also a digital first issue so you can download it from your favorite digital media retailer today! These issues will also be released in May as physical issues so you can collect and re-read them then as well. I hope everyone is doing all they can to stay safe out there and even though there isn’t much comic content out there right now you can feel free to follow me on Twitter as I try to post as much Batman related news and updates as I can. Although things may seem grim right now, if we stick together and do what we can get through this and comics will be even stronger on the other side of this.

-Wes Greer

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