The Batmans Grave #6 Review

by Wes Greer on March 11, 2020

Writer – Warren Ellis
Art – Bryan Hitch
Colors – Alex Sinclair
Letters – Richard Starkins
Publisher 0 DC Comics

The Batman’s Grave has easily become one of my all-time favorite Batman stories as of late. It is just so much fun to see Batman go back to his roots and reminding us why he is nick named the worlds greatest detective. I feel like with all the other Batman stories out there right now that we have kind of gotten away from the detective aspect and almost forget about it being a big part of his background. A lot of stories have focused more on his crime fighting skills and gadgets and it is just refreshing to have someone say well that’s all fine and dandy but here’s the part of Batman that made him so popular in comics in the first place. Warren Ellis has also found a good balance in his story as well for those other aspects and has given us the perfect Batman story and then add artist Bryan Hitch to the mix and you get the amazing stories we have here in The Batman’s Grave.

The Batman’s Grave #6 begins with Batman and Commissioner Gordon still in Arkham Asylum from the last issues they try to figure a way out with several inmates on the loose. This event is actually really short and although there is some action the event goes by pretty quick and then we are on to the next part of the story. The beginning isn’t anything super exciting, but Ellis does a great job picking up the story as the events in this issue continue to unfold. We get right back into the overall mystery and Batman goes back into full detective mode while trying to figure out the next mystery that happens in this story. Ellis has done an amazing job so far with every issue giving us a new murder mystery for Batman to solve while being careful not to give us too many details so we can’t figure it out ahead of time on our own. Its always been a bummer to me reading detective storied where the writer gives too many details and we can figure it out way before it is revealed. This always really turns me off from a story, but Ellis has been on top of this story and gives us just enough to entice us and keep us hooked for the long haul. This is what makes this story one of my favorites is because of the writing keeping us hooked and wanting to know what the big picture truly is while throwing in some fun dialogue and giving us some internal struggles between characters we’ve always seen on the same side and working together fluently. It is interesting to see characters like Batman and Jim Gordon go back and forth and to see a different side of Bruce and Alfred’s relationship as well. It really feels more human and realistic to see these reservations from characters we usually see all on the same page.

The art in this story is also another big selling point to me for this story. When you have a story as complex as this one you need an artist who can really envision the complexities and bring that to life and Bryan Hitch has done a phenomenal job of doing so. Hitch uses some more basic character designs keeping them simple looking but makes sure to focus all his attention onto the details of every character which blends to make an amazing look for this story. All the characters look amazing and Hitch doesn’t just focus on the characters details but makes sure to add as much detail as possible to backgrounds and objects as well as the panels themselves. Everything in this issue and clean and crisp and has a stunning overall attraction. The colors are all vivid and beautifully done as well giving us an all around perfect visual. There is no bleeding or over inking and the art team clearly made sure to work together to create an overall fluid look for this story. The lettering is all clear and easily readable and overall a perfect looking issue.

Overall, issue #6 is a great addition to the series and although a bit slow to start picks up and gest us involved with the story trying to piece all of Batman’s clues together ourselves from all the previous issues. The artwork is fluid and strong and really helps sell the emotion of the story and bring it to life for the reader visually. The Batman’s Grave #6 is available now so be sure to head to your local comic book shop and pick it up for yourself. Let me know what you guys think of the issue below in the comments and stay tuned for my next review of issue #7.

-Wes Greer

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