Batman Curse of the White Knight #7 Review

by Wes Greer on February 26, 2020

Writer & Art – Sean Murphy
Colors – Matt Hollingsworth
Letters – AndWorldDesign
Publisher – DC Black Label by DC Comics

Well, here we are at the second to last issue of Curse of the White Knight and this series has been nothing short of spectacular! White Knight is my all time favorite Joker story and when Curse came out, I had some pretty high hopes for it and it has met and exceeded every single one of those hopes. There are just so many amazing twists and turns and this is one of the few Batman stories out there where I can not even make a guess at what’s coming next which just shines a light on how brilliant of a writer Sean Murphy is. A lot of writers are able to succeed with Batman because they write him in a universe where most of the things in it have already been established, but Murphy has created an entirely new Gotham from scratch and has taken us to a new world while adding in a few familiar and iconic aspects and it is a Gotham I want to see much more of in the future!

Curse #7 begins with Bruce trying to deal with the shocking revelations he learned about in the last issue. In this issue we see the aftermath of him discovering he isn’t a true Wayne but with the help of his closest friends and allies draws strength to go out and attempt to finish Azrael and defeat the plans Joker has lauded out by doing what no one ever expected him to do. This issue has an amazing reveal that lives up to what we have come to expect from Murphy in this series and although there is not as much excitement in this issue as the last one, it still gets us hyped to see what’s to come in the final issue. This issue is a bit slower of a read as well, but it lays out a lot of groundwork to set is up for the finale and keeps us on our toes through out. This issue also has some nostalgia to it and there is a fantastic reference from the 1989 Batman movie that I absolutely loved as a fan of the film that you guys will all get a kick out of. 

As usual the art of this issue is just phenomenal with Murphy being able to put his own visions to paper and bring what he has created in his mind to life. I love when the writers are able to do their own art because I feel it just makes the stories that much deeper seeing them the way they were incisions originally instead of having to be translated to the artists. Every panel in this book is full of detail and everything comes together beautifully. I went over the art from panel to panel, and I could not find one thing that looked odd or out of proportion, and there are some amazing panels drawn to extend into the art in this one. Matt Hollingsworth also has done a beautiful job coloring Murphy’s art and there are some amazing color tones used that really help sell the mood of the story and really pulls the reader into it. The lettering of this issue is done very near and is very clear and East for the reader to read without strain or having to give a second look. Overall, the art team has done a beautiful job as expected and they cut no corners when it comes to pulling everything together for a stunning visual. 

I am so excited to see how this amazing story will come to an end and what kind of things will be set up for Murphy’s next chapter of White Knight. I personally hope to see several stories spin out of this series, but we will just have to wait and see what happens next! Batman Curse of the White Knight #7 is available now so after you read this hop in your Batmobile and head to you local comic shop or download the digital copy direct from DC Comics.

-Wes Greer


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