Batman Last knight on earth #3 review

by Wes Greer on December 18, 2019

Writer – Scott Snyder
Art – Greg Capullo
Ink – Jonathan Glapion
Color – FCO Plascencia
Letters – Tom Napolitano
Publisher – DC Black Label

Will the real Batman please stand up! After being pushed back, we finally have the bed of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s final Batman story. Just like most of you, I was a bit bummed when I learned issue 3 was going to be pushed back, but I promise you this one was worth the wait! Last Knight in Earth has been one of the most popular Batman comics ever published with issue one having gone back to print 3 times and still almost impossible to find on comic shop shelves. I know personally I had to look high and low in the internet to find a first printing alone and it cost me for waiting so long. The team of Snyder and Capullo are among the too to ever write the character and it is so heartbreaking and emotional for me that we have come not only to their last story, but the last book of that story. Snyder's writing of the Court of Owls is what brought me back to Batman Comics after a few years of putting them down after the Hush story line and honestly I would not be here typing this review if it wasn’t for him and his amazing stories, so it is bitter sweet for me to have to write my last review of one of his Batman stories.

Last Knight on Earth #3 starts off with a memory of Batman and Jim Gordon on the rooftop of the GCPD where Gordon is trying to uplift Batman while turning on a new signal. The story then goes on to where issue #2 left off and goes into the current Bruce / Batman trying to gain the support of the old Bat family to take down the evil Batman. The story is so deep and amazing and really shines in the fact that even though he may not be the real Batman, he understands what being Batman means and he uses that as motivation to fight until the end despite all the negativity and doubt of the team around him. The issue ends of with the final fight and we see a new future for the rest of the team. The story really takes is deeo into what we love most about Batman and that is the heart beneath the character and the dark brooding. What we live most is his ability to find himself and why he became Batman in the first place, and use that to conquer anything that comes his way and Snyder has been the best so far to implement that in the character. This story is so powerful and really made me want to go grab a cape and cowl and stand for something bigger then myself. A perfect send off for a decade long run if writing a character, we have all come to love.

I almost feel like when it comes to the artwork if this issue, I don’t even have to write anything. All I have to type here is Greg Capullo and all of you will understand what I mean and mi e on. Capullo's work has stood on its own since the beginning of his time in Batman. The rough, big, bad ass design he used to create the character is one we all know and can pick out in any line up. Having him work on am even darker story with more range and freedom is right in his wheelhouse and he uses that to make what was already great even better! I really love that for this story he went with the Rebirth style costume and made it his own. Like he took the New 52 Batman he designed and added the Rebirth costume in to him. Its just such an amazing design and one of my all time favorites. Everything he has done in this issue feels the same way and there is literally not one thing negative I can say about his work in this issue. Everything is as too notch as the story and that is why Snyder and Capullo reign supreme when it comes to Batman.

If you haven’t had a chance to get into Last Knight, you must live under a rock first of all, and second you really need to pick up the first two issues as well as this one. I promise you, you will send me an email thanking me for telling you to do so. It is very sad for me to have to wrap this last review up and if any of you want to have a cry as well I am here for you! It is not all that sad though because the team made sure to give this last story their all and make sure they left off with a bang. Last Knight in Earth #3 is available today so please, run, walk, ride you bike, drive, have your mom take you, I don’t care how but pick it up now! Its been a hell of a ride Scott and Greg and from the bottom of my heart,

--Wes Greer

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