Justice league #38 review

by Wes Greer on December 18, 2019

Writer – Scott Snyder
Art – Jorge Jimenez & Daniel Sampere
Inks – Jorge Jimenez & Juan Albarran
Colors – Alejandro Sanchez
Letters – Tom Napolitano
Publisher – DC Comics

Wow! Be prepared to see that word from me a lot until the current Justice / Doom War story is over after the next issue of Justice League. The current story is now on its ninth issue and sometimes when writers wrote these long arcs there are sometimes slow parts or parts where you feel it was really a waste of an issue but then again those stories aren’t written by Scott Snyder. Snyder has just been hitting home run after home run with Justice League and every issue has not only been action packed, but every issue has been heart filled and exciting as well. I feel like Snyder has put Justice League back on too over DC where before it has just been kind of hanging there on the shelves not really grabbing much attention and that is where this amazing team up up of DC's elite belongs!

Justice League #38 does not miss a beat from the previous issue. Page one opens up right after that incredible last page we saw in issue 37 that personally got me pumped for this issue. The last few issues we’ve seen the League just getting destroyed pretty much by Lex Lithor and his army of doom and it really looked like there was no hope for our favorite heroes no matter what they tried. Even having Batman turn the Hall of Justice into a lean, mean, fighting machine! This issue shows the League giving it everything they have left in the battle against Luthor and try as they might, the fight still seems bleek for them. The entire issue focuses on the battle and we get some awesome moments from individual heroes during the battle. It goes back and forth between them all trying to take down Lex and leads up to one of the heroes having to make a choice to give the league one last weapon in the fight against Doom. The action is non stop but Snyder still finds a way to give each character their own piece of the bigger puzzle and he really keeps us involved the entire issue. In true Justice League spirit, the final page gives us an exciting development and leaves us in the hook for the final issue of the war.

With so much action going on in this issue, not only do we get amazing work from Jorge Jimenez, but Daniel Sampere also adds his talents making the art of this issue even bigger then the previous. As with the previous issues, the art team does a beautiful job bringing Snyder's action-packed story to life, giving is amazing visuals that are nothing short of spectacular. The character designs are all up to par with previous issues and there is no shortage of detail. There are also some really cool panel breaks that help break up moments of the story and help sell the emotions going on at the time. The colors are all bright and vivid and please the eye and the inkings are all smooth with no over ink or bleeding. Its always great to see an artist ink his own work. I think it looks better when it’s done that way because the artist is able to bring his own vision to life.

Overall, Justice League #38 is the cream of the crop so far as expected since every issue released has found a way to too the last. Even when you think there is no way anything can be better; the creative team pulls one out right before your eyes! Its been an amazing run so far and I am so excited to see the epic finale and what Snyder pulls out next to too of an already incredible run! Justice League #38 is available now, so run to your local Comic shop and pick it up today. You do not want to wait to read this one!

--Wes Greer

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