Joker killer smile #2 review

by Wes Greer on December 18, 2019

Writer – Jeff Lenore
Art – Andrea Sorrentino
Colors – Jordie Bellaire
Letters – Steve Wands
Publisher – DC Comics

Why so serious? Well if you guys really want to know why, it’s because of the amazing writing of Jeff Lemire. When DC announced Joker: Killer Smile, I knew right away without even seeing a single part of it that it was going to be one of the best Joker stories ever simply because of Lemire. All of his work just speaks for itself whether it be his Sweet Tooth series, Black Hammer, or my personal favorite Green Arrow The Kill, Lemire just fives so much to his work and does a phenomenal job of taking is readers on an enjoyable deep adventure that we are sure to never forget. Joker: Killer Smile #1 truly blew any expectation I already had and excelled beyond belief even with it being a short one issue comic. The first issue did so well that I had a really hard time purchasing a physical copy for my own collection and had to search the internet for days to get one!

Joker: Killer Smile #2 takes is right back into the terror of Dr. Benjamin Arnell as he continues to try to treat the Joker without the Joker being able to get into his mind instead, but as we saw in issue one, the Clown Prince of Crime had already made his presence known in Dr. Arnells personal life and has shaken everything up in his life. Issue number two takes is deeper down the rabbit hole and is even more terrifying then issue one. We are truly taken on a psychological roller coaster and this issue really takes us into the psyche of Dr. Arnell instead of the Joker this time, which we learn may not be all that different from Joker himself. This issue is just so disturbing and shocking but it’s all done in an entertaing way that really shows us a side of Joker we have not ever really seen in a DC publication before. This issue will leave you with your jaw on the floor when you are finished with it and make you wanting more! Lemire has really outdone anything anyone else at DC has been able to do with the Joker and has opened us up to his phycje without needing Batman as the antagonist and this makes for one of the most amazing Joker stories ever written so far

When you have a story unlike any other before it, you need an artist who can bring that to life and sell the psychological terror visually and Andrea Sorrentino has been able to accomplish both. Sorrentino's work on this series has been a key part of its success. The art feels like something we’ve never seen before in a comic and the style really helps make us feel the terror of the story. Between the character designs, the different panel work, and the entire environment, the art really sells the emotion of the story and really helps sell the fear and mood of the story. The colors are all very meek and bland but in a fantastic scary way. Overall the complete art team on this series have created something amazing and terrifying and it is just stunning to see it all come together.
I truly am just so amazed with everything about this series. It terrifies me and entertains me and leaves me wanting more and more. Its such an amazing new look at one of the greatest villains in DC history and it truly stands on it own simply because Batman is not needed to sell the character. It is a true look at Joker himself and I think that is even more scary and demented then having Batman involved at all. If you haven’t gotten into this series yet, I highly suggest you go back and pick up issue one and get caught up because this is not one you want to miss out on. It is simply the best Joker story of all time in my opinion. Joker killer smile #2 is available now so head to your local Comic shop and pick it up today! Please feel free to let us know how you felt about this issue in the comments section below!

--Wes Greer

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