Detective Comics #1017 Review

by Wes Greer on December 11, 2019

Detective Comics #1017
Writer – Tom Taylor
Art – Fernando Blanco
Colors – John Kalisz
Letters – Travis Lanham
Publisher – DC Comics

Detective Comics has really been on an amazing roll lately. The stories have just been so entertaining, and DC has been picking some really great writers to oversee the series as well as their top artists to help bring those stories to life. The thing I enjoy most about Detective Comics is that they are always exploring new sides of Batman and there is always a new for or challenge after a few issues. They also focus on a lot more of Batman’s Rogues Gallery using villains like Scarecrow and Mr. Freeze who are always my favorite ones to read about and don’t make many appearances in the standard Batman run.

Detective Comics #1017 takes us away from the current Mr. and Mrs. Freeze story, and really focuses on a deeper and more personal side of Batman. For this issue, we get Tom Taylor as the writer who is coming off of his huge success with the DCeased series. Tom is one of the best writers when it comes to giving characters heart and analyzing the more human side of them, and that is what attracts me most to his stories. Its always amazing to be able to relate to these characters, especially ones like Batman because he is usually written as the dark and brooding hero who likes to work alone. In this issue not only do we get a personal side of Batman, we also see him call in Damian to actually help him on the case, and Taylor gives us a glimpse of the current dynamic between the father and son duo, which we haven’t seen in awhile. Overall the writing of this issue is just so beautiful and deep and really had me vested in the story because of it. This is truly the most powerful Batman story I have read in a long time.

Along with a new writer on this issue, we also get a new artist in Fernando Blanco. Blanco brings in a fresh set of character designs and does an amazing job at it. The characters have a newer look, but they still flow with the rest of the series as of late. His Batman and Robin designs are stunning and the costume choices are perfect for the world he has created around them. Batman is in a simple costume, but that is how I enjoy seeing him in the basic gray and black suit. The colors in this issue are stunning and being set in winter, the colors chosesn are perfect and really make you feel the drama of the story. Inking’s are perfect as well with no bleeding or loss of pencils. The entire creative team behind this issue really did am excellent job of bringing all the elements together and created a book full of beautiful art to sell an amazing story!

If you are someone who reads Detective Comics here and there and only pick up certain issues, please do yourself a favor and make sure you pick this one up. It really is read as a one shot but is one of the best stories in Detective Comics in awhile. If you are vested in Detective Comics and are worried about it being away from the current ongoing story, don’t worry because this is a story you want to read and doesn’t hurt the continuty of the current story at all. It is a welcome break actually. Detective Comics 1017 is available today so please, do yourself a favor and get it now!
  • -Wes Greer

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