Batman: curse of the white knight #5 review

by Wes Greer on December 11, 2019

Writer & Art – Sean Murphy
Colors – Matt Hollingsworth
Publisher – DC Comics Black Label
Release date 12/11/19

Well the last issue we got from Curse was the side story, Von Freeze, which was just such an amazing story giving us a new early origin for Mr. Freeze and was full of so much heart and left an impression on all readers around the globe! Now we are back to the main story, which has been my favorite Batman story currently being published by DC. Sean Murphy is not only an amazing artist who is capable of bringing
his own stories to life, but in my personal opinion, one of the best writers ever to write Batman. His stories really give us a full 360 view of Batman and Bruce Wayne. A lot of times, writers only focus on one aspect of Batman at a time. Whether it’s a fight with a foe, the detective side of Batman, an issue with the Bat family, or a dilemma in the personal life of Bruce Wayne, they only focus on one of those issues and Murphy has been able to incorporate all those aspects into one amazing series, which has really set him apart from others.

Issie #5 opens with the Funeral of Jim Gordon and shows us the effects his death is having on the entire city. With Commissioner Gordon having done so much for the City of Gotham, his death has affected many especially those closest to him/ such as Barbara, the GTO and Batman himself. The GTO struggles with the conflict of whether they can trust or believe in Batman’s crusade anymore. The issue then goes on as Batman tries to figure out the secrets of his families past and the Jokers plans, which keep him looking into the origin of Laffy Arkham and the oldest parts of Gotham. We also see Barman attempt to reach Jack Napier again via Harley Quinn and Harley discovers some information that could potentially destroy Batman. The issue deals with a lot of discovery and we learn even more about the past of Gotham and Edmund Wayne and just how far he went to cover up his transgressions against Azrael’s distant family. Its such an exciting issue and gives us a lot more insight into the past of Gotham and leads us to believe that the Wayne family has a lot more secrets then Bruce ever could have imagined.

Every issue of Curse of the White Knight has had flawless artwork and colors and this one is just as beautiful as the rest. There are some really exceptional panels in this issue such as ones dealing with Bruce under water, and they are just mesmerizing. Between the art and the coloring, Murphy and Hollingsworth really have out done themselves with these panels. The rest of the art is up to par as well, and we see some amazing works with brighter colors and flame work that is just second to none. I’ve said this in previous reviews, but I cannot stress enough how incredible it is to have a writer who is also a very talented artist and can relay the way he visualizes his stories to paper himself. It really makes for work that is just flawless and we get to see the way the writer visualizes his own story vs having to relay his vision to someone else to draw.

This issue is just another cherry on top of the icing in this series, and as they go on they just keep getting deeper and deeper and really engage us readers and leave is wanting more. I highly suggest if you haven’t already, that you get into this story. If you are already following the story, this is a fantastic continuation and you need to read it asap! You do not want to wait on this one! Curse of the White Knight #5 is available right now, so make sure to get out to your local Comic Shop NOW! After you read it, please let us know what you thought about it in the comments section below!

-Wes Greer


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