Batman #84 review

by Wes Greer on December 04, 2019

Writer – Tom King
Art – Mikel Janin

Well, we are coming to the end of Tom King’s run on Batman, as well as the end of the current City of Bane story. The second half of this story has been action packed and full of twists and turns, and has been some of King’s best work during the run. I know there is a lot of back and forth between Batman readers about the quality of the series, but I personally feel King’s run deserves a lot more credit. He has been able to keep the entire series connected starting with Rebirth to present. Everything has been mapped out and that makes for a really awesome series. Most writers only focus on one arc at a time, but King went in with an overall game plan and it has been really fun to see how the story has played out.

Batman #84 takes us away from the main story that left us on an epic final page in the last issue, but it goes back and fills in a lot of the gaps that we have all been wondering about. There is a lot of time jumps that keep going back farther and farther, and jumps around a lot.
There is a lot going on, but it all flows together nice and the more we read, the more questions we have answered. The word you are going to read the most in this issue is the word Earlier. It happens almost every other panel, so be prepared to go backwards with this issue. It’s a bit of a bummer that it takes a break from the main story, especially since we are almost at the end of the series, but this issue was necessary to fill in the gaps of the story to date.

The art work in this issue is great as always, thanks to the talented Mikel Janin. His work in this series has been some of his best and really helps bring King’s story to life visually. I love all his character designs and everything just flows together nicely. The colors and ink in this issue also all flow together great, and I didn’t see any noticeable bleeds or over inking. The entire art team behind Batman has done such amazing work and it is almost bittersweet to see them all moving on at the end of this year, but it’s great to see a new take on the series coming in in January.

Even though this issue takes us away from the story, it is still a must read because of all the answers revealed and there is some amazing writing in each episode that happens that kept me entertained and engaged in the entire issue. King did a great job making sure to keep integrity in each event and making sure not to just cram a bunch of events that only showed us the answers and moved on. There is amazing art work to complement the story and I highly recommend you pick this one up ASAP! Batman #84 is available now, so get up off your butt and go pick it up now! 

-Wes Greer 



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