Batman Superman #4 review

by Wes Greer on November 20, 2019

Writer – Joshua Williamson
Artist – David Marquez 
Colorist – Alejandro Sanchez 
Letters – John J Hill
Publisher – DC Comics 
Release Date – 11/20/19

This series has been so much fun to read. I am so happy that DC decided to continue using the Batman Who Laughs as a villain in stories beyond Scott Snyder’s original run. I don’t think anyone realized how huge the character would become and now that they are infecting other popular characters, it is just genius. I love that they played it into a Batman and Superman story as well. The dynamic between Batman and Superman is already one that I really enjoy because they are such opposites, but when it comes to saving the world, they are able to figure out a way to work together. Throw in the Batman Who Laughs and now you’ve got an even bigger world to explore with the two different sides of the characters and figuring out how to utilize their differences together. If that makes sense. Have to give mad props to Joshua Williamson for figuring out how to do this, and do it successfully. When you have a story with this much going on, it can either be fantastic, or it could go down hill really quick and Williamson has been able to keep it fresh and fun.

Issue four is by far my favorite of the series. The first page takes us right into an epic battle between Batman, Superman, and the infected Blue Beetle. If you think that’s entertaining, just wait! The fight gets even more intense as you flip the pages and really makes you feel like Batman and Superman have no chance at winning.  This issue really flows with the current year of the villain story going on in other stories currently being published by DC, in which we’ve been seeing a lot of our favorite heroes just getting their butts kicked. Williamson does a great job of utilizing the independent qualities of Batman and Superman and finding a way to have the characters use a specific trait to try and conquer their foes. This issue also answers the big question which is also the title of the current story, who are the sinister six? I had my predictions early on, but boy was I wrong! The twist of who the Batman Who Laughs planned to infect left me shocked but was also super entertaining and sets us up for possibly an even bigger battle to come for our heroes who seem to be down on their luck. Overall just an amazing story.

Bringing this story to life has got to be such a challenge, but David Marquez does a beautiful job doing exactly that. Almost every panel in this issue has so much going on but Marquez does a great job keeping them clean and precise. His character designs are simple but elegant at the same time. The character expression and detailing are flawless and all the background matter is very detailed and stays clear and clean so we know what we are looking at. The colors and ink in this issue are also very clean and I could not find one panel where there was any excessive bleeding or over inking. The color choices are stunning and it really helps make all the individual panels pop and just really help bring the pencils alive.

This is honestly the first issue in this series that I can’t find anything to complain about. The story is action packed and fun. It gives us the answer we have wondered since issue 1 and does such a good job going into getting that answer. The story is met with brilliant art and colors that appeal to the eye and is completely satisfying to the reader. The creative team behind this issue deserve mad kudos and I hope to see more issues that are just as fun as this one! Batman Superman issue four is available today, so go pick up your copy at your local comic store or buy it digitally from your favorite online retailer. Feel free to let us know how you felt about this issue by leaving a comment down in the comment section on the bottom of the review.

-Wes Greee


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